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Stepping into the realm of hiring doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even for solo entrepreneurs! Dive into our masterclass, ‘Getting Organised for Hiring,’ and unravel the art of intentional and strategic hiring. With a systems-first approach, we’re offering clarity from the get-go, setting you on a path to find, onboard, and collaborate with the perfect fit for your brand. Ready to simplify and amplify your hiring process?

Who is this for?

  • Solo entrepreneurs looking to expand their team without the stress.
  • Marketing professionals looking to grow their team with onboarding strategies.
  • Business owners wanting to refine their job descriptions and delegate effectively.
  • Marketing freelancers looking to transition into team leadership roles.
  • Any professional feeling overwhelmed by the thought of hiring and looking for clarity and structure.

About Your teacher

Andrea Reeves

Andrea is a systems specialist with ADHD. She helps fellow neurodiverse creatives and small business owners find more compassionate ways of working, using introspection and technology to build intuitive, values-driven systems.

with this training you will...

  • Identify Clear Needs: Understand where you genuinely require assistance, ensuring each new person you bring in align perfectly with your business goals.
  • Craft a Strategic Job Description: No more generic listings; create descriptions that attract the right people.
  • Design Effective Onboarding Plans: Set up new team members for success from day one with structured, intuitive onboarding.
  • Master Intuitive Delegation: Learn the art of assigning tasks strategically, ensuring efficiency and maintaining your brand’s values.
  • Build a Purpose-Driven Hiring Approach: Develop a hiring mindset that prioritises both your brand’s needs and the well-being of your new hires.

Learning Path 📗

Identify your goals and needs

  • Dive deep into introspection to determine where you genuinely require assistance and lay down the foundation for your hiring journey.
  • Recognise potential gaps in your current team or workflow.
  • Prioritise key areas of growth and potential hiring roles based on your identified needs.

Develop your job description

  • Understand the importance of clarity and precision in job listings.
  • Learn strategies to showcase your company culture, ensuring you attract like-minded candidates.

Build your onboarding plan

  • Navigate the complexities of onboarding, ensuring your new hires feel welcomed, informed, and set up for success from the outset.
  • Develop techniques to create a seamless first-week experience for new team members.

Tackle the world of hiring hands-on! As part of this class, you’ll create your own strategic job description and onboarding plan. By the end of this exercise, you will have a tangible roadmap, ready to be implemented, ensuring the next hire is strategic, fitting, and smooth-sailing.

  • Full-on hiring dashboard tailored for maximum efficiency.
  • Exclusive job board to streamline your recruitment process.
  • Handy company wiki for internal clarity and consistency.
  • Step-by-step team onboarding checklist ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • A holistic team directory to keep track of all your hires.
  • Hourly rate contractor guide for budget-conscious hiring.

PLUS, bonuses and exclusive content to supercharge your learning experience!

Bonus Q&A with Andrea to discuss hiring and onboarding best practices. Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge, drawing from her unique experiences, especially as a neurodiverse systems expert. Learn how to implement feedback loops early on, ensuring constant communication and any necessary adjustments for your onboarding process.

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