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As well as our course, you’ll get access year-long to our community of marketing rebels, professional cheerleaders who are always rooting for you.

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Self-paced labs & courses

Brand archetype lab

Map your archetype and build a brand narrative that creates an emotional connection with your target audience.

  • Influence how your audience perceives your brand with principles rooted in psychology (and a pinch of Greek mythology for good measure).
  • Brand archetype lab is an immersive digital toolkit that helps you explore your creativity and core messaging as a brand.
  • Experiment with how you showcase your brand and mission to create an instant connection with your ideal audience.

Email marketing lab

No platform comes close to the potential, direct-to-user reach of email. The type of connection you can create through email is unique and different from those you make on social media or other content.

  • Starting with a simple strategy, you’ll see how email marketing can work with other marketing tools to build stronger connections with your customers.
  • Start mapping your email strategy in 3 simple steps in this hands-on workshop. Get to know other professionals who’re also eager to use emails to further connect with their audience.
  • We cover strategies to advance your segmentation, lead generation and community building through email.

marketing fundamentals

Introduction to digital

Master the basics of digital marketing with this intensive experience rooted in positive impact principles

Create a marketing roadmap that ties in with solid values to understand audiences and connect on a human level.

  •  Set powerful marketing goals for both growth and sales that will keep you motivated and explore the 4-step formula to create relationship-driven marketing strategies.
  • Harness principles of behavioural economics and use powerful techniques to gain a definite advantage when creating your strategy.
  • Develop fun and effective market research practices, adopt a simple framework to give your audience the solution they are looking for – spoiler alert, we are talking about you!
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…you want to learn how to market in a way that feels good to you and your audience. And, best of all, you’ll be part of a supportive marketing community that will cheer you on every step of the way.


you are a purpose-driven business 

looking to create a roadmap that allows you to stand out in your audience’s mind


you are a new or upskilling marketer

ready to understand the reasons behind successful strategies that are rooted in purpose


you are a professional or entrepreneur

 who wants to use marketing to prioritise relationships over quick wins and stop relying on ads

learn from headteacher fab

Master of the marketing rebels

Lover of strong espressos, marketer, storyteller, multi-hyphenate wordsmith and professional hugger, Fab’s is on a mission to make marketing inclusiveimpactful and fun by showing how positive impact marketing can turn any audience into a community of raving superfans.


Positive impact marketing can be addictive, please practice responsibly


Your new positive impact marketing toolkit

  • Master digital marketing fundamentals – Understand the core principles of digital marketing before diving deeper into the basics of digital strategy, consumer insights, storytelling, and how to connect with the customer.
  • Map your customer journey Use psychology-driven methods to understand what drives your audience’s purchase intent. Perfect for beginners, you will be able to apply digital marketing fundamental skills in a human and meaningful way.
  • Make a lasting impressionApply the core components of a compelling “brand story” to map your brand bible and be remarkable.
  • Choose the right tools – We’ll help you choose the right content and platforms for your customers – and how to create a relationship-driven journey that turns your audience into super fans.
  • Create irresistible stories Use the principles of storytelling to create marketing assets and campaigns that engages an audience.

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