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Featuring exclusive interviews with Sonia Thompson & Tomisin Smith.

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Dive into a world where marketing isn’t just about sales, but about making a real, human impact.

(Can I get a HELL YEAH?)

Our Top Marketers list of 2024 is spotlighting a mix of dreamers and doers making marketing accessible, impactful, and oh-so-human.

Fancy getting up close and personal with their stories? We’ve got exclusive interviews for ya. Hear directly from Sonia Thompson on creating inclusive strategies and learn how Tomisin Smith brings authenticity to social media.

Fab Giovanetti

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From the social media wizards to purpose-driven champions, each marketer on our list brings their unique spark to the table. Think of them as your new marketing allies, guiding you to not just aim for success but to shoot for the stars!


Most frequent questions and answers

The Top Marketers List 2024 is a curated collection of outstanding marketing professionals who have made significant impacts in the field. They represent innovation, creativity, and the human side of marketing.

The marketers on our list are first nominated by our vibrant community. After nominations, the selection is based on a variety of criteria including their innovation, impact, contributions to the community, and their ability to inspire others in the field of marketing. 


Absolutely! We welcome nominations for future lists. Scroll below for more details on how to nominate a marketer you admire.

Each marketer’s profile includes links to their social media or professional pages. Feel free to connect with them directly!

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