Alt Marketing School is a modern school teaching positive impact marketing to professionals who want to do marketing differently.

Learn how to market to hearts, not brains with unique, live cohorts featuring flexible curriculums that grow with you.


Here’s our promise. We’ll show you how to grow your impact – regardless of what algorithms and trends are throwing at you!

Get results in your marketing strategy while making a difference

We’re proud to do things differently. Fab’s style is unconventionally infectious, fun, and engaging. We regularly update our content to make sure they’re current with industry trends and best practices.

Let’s make marketing fun – raise your fists in the air, like you just don’t care

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The old way of marketing is not working anymore. We are here change the way professionals share their knowledge with the people they touch.

Positive impact marketing includes social and sustainable considerations into your overall strategy

 It goes beyond promoting your brand as it is rooted in purpose, helping to deliver lasting social impact.

Grow your soft skills and leadership as an asset. We encourage a new way to market to your audience, based on making a positive impact through the content and messaging.

Make marketing human again
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