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Marketing with purpose FOR EVERYONE

We offer a variety of solutions through some tailored scholarship opportunities, which will evolve as the school grows and to reflect the best ways we can support our wider audience

pay-what-you-can model

Marketing for good

At our heart lies the belief that education should be accessible to all – which is why we introduced a pay-what-you-can model.

This democratic approach expands our reach, allowing a diverse range of students to benefit from our courses. It also fosters a sense of community and mutual support.


apply in 4 minutes or less

Our cohorts are community based and deeply rooted in shared values. To ensure every student contributes to the community experience, we have a simple application process.


wait for our review

We’ll evaluate your application as soon as possible. Expect a response on your application status in two to three business days.


secure your spot

Upon acceptance, secure your spot with a payment within four days. Tuition starts at a minimum of £100 to cover our basic costs per seat. If you’re in a position to contribute more, your generosity helps us keep this model sustainable, ensuring fairness and opportunity for every aspiring learner.

hear it from our marketing masters

Marketing for good scholarship

“This course has been exciting and fun, every teacher was super interesting and we got to see a well-structured syllabus on how to create a holistic marketing plan that would serve our brands. Fabs dedication and energy throughout the course was awesome and contagious.”

partner & support


Help us building a community of talented professionals and businesses driven by purpose and positive action. Our partners sponsor our live certification programmes, supporting our school and 100s of students joining us from one of our active scholarship programs.

From scholarship Students

the success stories

kevin w.

“I’m using the knowledge for my day job because I need to communicate as part of my role. I’m trying to build new programmes in my organisation, one around ethics compliance and another around sustainability. I am sharing these messages with our community worldwide with different levels of experience.”

Yana A.

“I am project manager and want to understand more about marketing…because marketing is (almost) all you need! I am very grateful Fab and all team for sharing their experience and knowledge. I found a job after graduation connected more with marketing – it was magic! I got a lot of useful information and can’t wait to practice it all.”

What is your marketing style? Unlock your superpowers 🖤

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