Accredited positive impact marketing certification

Join us for this 12-week CPD accredited qualification. Turn campaigns into conversations and clicks into genuine connections. Scrap the old playbook, save heaps of time with powerful systems, and build strategies that make work feel like fun.

this could be you in 12 weeks

you are more than a SEO specialist marketing coach SM manager marketing consultant

The Certification Journey​

Our curriculum has been designed to help you gain real-world skills and build powerful systems and make your marketing toolkit the best it can ever be.

Brand identity & value-based marketing
Relationship-Driven Funnels
Purpose-Driven Copywriting
market research, personas & insights
Principles of community design
Social Media auditing & strategy
Content Workflows & Systems
OKRs, Targets, metrics & impact Reviews
SEO for user intent
building a strong Marketing Strategy
EDI, Inclusive & Ethical Marketing​
graduation Day!

the AMS difference

Take the next step in your marketing journey a make overwhelm a thing of the past.

Turn campaigns into conversations and clicks into genuine connections. Scrap the old playbook, save heaps of time with powerful systems, and build strategies that make work feel like fun.

hybrid learning experience

We believe in bringing amazing experts into our faculty to teach our marketing rebels how to bring the human touch into lots of foundational skills that give marketers the upper edge. Access on-demand training from our amazing faculty, each with their own set of marketing superpowers, from weaving compelling brand stories to conjuring up strategies that captivate audiences far and wide.

On-Demand Expert Training

SEO for user intent

Demystify the technical, embrace the human-centric approach, and find out why everyone's talking about user-intent. It's SEO, but not as you know it.

marketing funnels

Build and refine your funnels. If you’re focused on getting new customers, strike the right balance between acquisition and retention.

productivity & systems

Learn the art of intentional and strategic systems that work for you and not against you.

social media auditing

Audit current social media efforts to craft a strategy to elevate your online presence and engagement.

empathetic copywriting

Learn how to share your journey in public, the core principles of value-driven marketing and how to craft powerful messaging.

community strategy

Discover the magic of building a community that mirrors your values and passions. Identify the best journey by surprising and delighting your members.

real-life projects

As part of the course, you'll be tasked with working on marketing projects. To complete our cohort, you’ll be asked to submit 2 assignments. You’ll have a chance to present your progress for each assignment during hot seats sessions at the end of each block.

brand identity & audience persona

Build a document that breaks down your identity, your customers and your mission. You'll be working on this assignment between week one and four.

The ultimate Marketing plan

Build a plan including SWOT analysis, channels, strategies and metrics. You'll be working on this assignment between week five and eight.

Become Certified

At the end of our cohort, meet the criteria for graduation to become an accredited positive impact strategist. As our certification is now fully certified by CPD, our training rivals traditional organisations in quality and professionalism. With us, you get respected, top-tier education with a dash of AMS flair—credible, impactful, and loads of fun.

what is included in your seat

How We Make Learning Instantly Actionable
and, of Course, a Whole Lot of fun

We’ve designed our bi-weekly sessions to deliver lots of value in 2 hours. Theory, practice, group work and  lot of banter – all in one place.

Week 1

Group workshop

Optional – Week 2

Office Hours

Week 3

Group workshop

Optional – Week 4

Office Hours

A word from fab

I wanted a place for all marketing rebels to belong, and I simply could not find one. So 4 years ago, I created the training I wish I had when I started my journey. 

One made of incredible humans who are lifting one another and celebrating their achievements together.

marketing should be impactful human kind fun

this is what you can expect

BONUS: Access Our Plug-n-Play Notion & Google Libraries

Worth over £250 alone, our colelctions Everything you need to make your marketing more effective and efficient – including Notion and Google templates.


6 Payments of £292

Payment plan available only for a limited time each cohort.

3 Payments of £584

Get instant access to our student community + 2 bonus courses.

One payment of £1750

Get instant access to our student community + 2 bonus courses.

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Your questions answered

What's included in the cohort?

Our curriculum is constantly refined to break down what you can access as resources and our schedule of live classes. Check our full release notes here to see the latest updates for each of our cohorts.

Currently, our cohorts are capped at 35 students (including our partner scholarship spots) to ensure maximum support for each student – check their experience on our wall of love. Once our cohort is full, you’ll be able to apply for the next available dates.

Not only you will gain invaluable foundational knowledge in your marketing,  but you’ll also create two bespoke decks – including a brand identity and persona deck and an in-depth marketing plan, you can use for your business, clients or as a case study.

You’ll be working on two projects for the duration of the cohort, helping you set systems and frameworks in a given scenario, which you can then implement for your own work. Aside from your weekly workshop, you are looking at an extra 2/3 hours of work each week.

To receive your certificate you’ll need to attend at least 75% of our mandatory expert workshops and submit your draft of a marketing plan. If you miss multiple sessions, one of our coaches will check in with you offering options to directly connect to discuss your individual case. 

All students will get recordings of the sessions. In order to receive our certificate you’ll need to attend at least 75% of our live workshops. Even more so, the magic happens live as you’ll be able to implement learnings in real time, experiment with fellow students and better connect with our teachers.

If you are a marketing beginner with a brand or company you’d like to work on then YES, this course is for you.

If you are a new marketer looking to break in the industry, you’ll be able to access extra mentoring during our orientation call to help you make the most of the projects and assignments.

There will be a private community space where you can share your ideas, get feedback, ask for help, get accountability and more.

We offer optional bonus 1-hour long office hours as well as 90-minute co-working sessions, also available for the wider student community. You’ll not only get a chance to connect with your cohort, but also with AMS graduates whoo walked the path before you.

You will have lifetime access to all the course content. Revisit it anytime you want a refresher. 

Yes. In order to receive your certificate, you’ll be asked to submit your own draft of a marketing plan. This is a a 10/12 page document that encompasses the building blocks of a strong marketing strategy based on what you have learned about throughout the certification.

Yes! There will be limited seats for limited fee reductions through our marketing for good scholarship. You can apply directly through our form, each request will be reviewed individually by our team.

Yes, if you’d like to get seats for your co-founder or team, you can let us know in our application form and they’ll get 50% off their seat.

We honour full refunds up to 7 days after enrolment of individual students (your payment date). While we cannot offer refunds 7 days after student enrolments or after a course begins, we can always transfer your registration to another cohort. All other refunds will be reviewed on case-by-case basis.

What is your marketing style? Unlock your superpowers 🖤

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