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Storytelling is our jam and we love to hear inspiring stories of students that 
levelled up their knowledge, gained confidence and made new friends
through the school. Below you can read some of the stories and student experiences.

I got out of my comfort zone

If I was unsure and had to ask a clarifying question, I knew it would always be met with a positive answer.

It would be either eye-opening or helpful moving forward and just creating that foundation for me where I didn’t have the foundation before. For example, I’ve always considered myself too old to make my own TikTok.

I made TikToks for the project and have such positive feedback from people who are doing this daily, who have a ton of experience in this, and who knows how fast this stuff changes to receive some feedback. It was just fantastic and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward to whatever that may be.

I created my personalised toolkit

The certification provided me with a deeper understanding of marketing methods, with niche tactics to help my business stand out, lots of tools and things like automation to help someone like me with very little previous marketing knowledge or experience.

The course let me know what was out there. For example, best practices, a roadmap for how to start organically putting my work out there and grow a relationship with my audience. Also, some really cool tools!

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Regardless of where you are at in your glorious journey, let us become your humble guides, cheerleaders and professional hype team.

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