Mastering Marketing Funnels


Feeling like you’re stuck in a maze when it comes to marketing funnels? We’ll give you the map and the compass (just in case) to navigate your funnels with ease. Our expert-led course dives into the journey, messaging, strategy, and optimisation of marketing funnels.

Led by experienced marketing mentor Veronica, this course will help you build and refine your funnels with hands-on sessions, practical exercises, and worksheets to better understand and master every stage of your funnels.

By the end of this course, we’ll help you find the hidden treasures in your funnel without the pirate maps or eyepatches. X marks the conversion spot.

If you’re focused on getting new customers but can’t seem to keep them around, we’ll help you strike the right balance between acquisition and retention.

About your teacher

Veronica is a seasoned marketer and mentor who collaborates with B2B and SaaS businesses, guiding them to successfully launch projects, develop outstanding marketing programmes, and assemble creative teams. When businesses find themselves at crossroads, unsure of where to kickstart their marketing endeavours, Veronica is the go-to expert.

Learning outcomes

  • Master Funnel Stages: Understand each stage of the marketing funnel and how to guide prospects through it seamlessly.
  • Generate High-Quality Leads: Develop strategies to attract the right audience, ensuring your lead pool is full of potential customers.
  • Create Optimised Content for Each Stage of the Funnel: Learn to craft content that resonates with your audience exactly at the right time with exactly the right message.
  • Measure and Track Success: Gain the skills to monitor your funnel’s performance using key metrics, making data-driven decisions.
  • Optimise Conversion Rates: Master techniques that can improve your conversion rates, turning leads into loyal customers will be smoother than a freshly buttered crumpet.
  • Review and Improve Funnels: Learn methods to evaluate and enhance your funnels, ensuring they are always performing at their best.

This course is perfect for…

  • New Marketers: If you’re finding your funnel strategy more confusing than a plot twist in a thriller, this course will provide clarity.
  • Senior Strategists: When you are struggling with lead generation, we’ll show you how to reel in the right audience.
  • Freelance Marketers: If converting leads feels like trying to catch water with a sieve, you’ll learn techniques to boost those numbers.
  • Marketing Managers: You are tired of guessing whether their funnel is working, we’ll teach you how to review and improve it efficiently.

Course project

At the end of this course, you will be setting up your very own Notion Funnel Builder that will guide you through building each new funnel step by step. You’ll identify your audiences, key messages, and specific campaigns, all while easily tracking results and metrics. You’ll also be able to refer back to all your funnels in one place—no more scrambling around with lots of tabs open. It’s your all-in-one tool for creating effective marketing funnels with precision and ease, making building funnels as easy as pie. And who doesn’t love pie?

The AMS way

Because making learning fun is kinda our thing.

Transform Your Team with AMS

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Looking to supercharge your team’s marketing skills? The AMS courses are available both on-demand and live, and are perfectly tailored to your marketing stars.

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“Do the Work” 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Navigating through a sea of course options might leave you with a sprinkle of skepticism and at AMS we completely understand that. At the end of the day, our job is to help you succeed. 

We want to give you EVERY opportunity to not just consume but to implement the knowledge and strategies absorbed from our training. Hence, we’re offering a full MONTH for you to dive deep into the course, align with the lessons, apply the strategies, and do the work to make your marketing more effective. 

For more full details and conditions, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Busy Marketer Alert! Can I pace my own learning journey?
Absolutely! This training is crafted to snugly fit into the busy schedules of marketers like you. Go ahead – pace it out and implement as you delve into the lessons. Whether you sprint through in one day or stride gracefully over one month, your unique journey through our lessons is what makes it special. Your learning, your pace.

Nope, no ticking clocks here! Once you’re in, you’re in for a lifetime of access. We continuously refine, add, and update our content to keep it sparkly and relevant. So, not only do you have forever access to the current content, but you’ll also receive all future updates and enhancements as long as the course exists!

What sets our classes apart is our commitment to hands-on, actionable learning. While many courses offer theoretical knowledge, ours are designed for real-world application. Each course is an immersive experience where the skills you acquire are applied immediately and integrated into your marketing toolkit.

Since the course lets you follow your own learning journey, time investment can vary. Dedicating approximately two hours a day to the training allows you to get through the course in about a weekend. But remember, replay, pause, and play it again whenever you need.

We aim to build training that can support marketers with all levels of knowledge. Each course also includes a breakdown of the level of knowledge required and anything else you may need to make the most of your training. 

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