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John McManus on being passionate about achieving through others

Learn with John McManus about the power of defining your mission and brand, how to review mine for customer insights, being a better manager

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What do cricket and marketing have in common? You will have to tune in for with conversation with John McManus to find out.

In this episode we cover

  • How to work efficiently in a team
  • Different ways to conduct customer reviews
  • Understanding the shifts and growth as a marketer

Firstly, you’ll learn the power of defining your mission and brand. Secondly, we’ll talk about how to review mine for customer insights with a call-back to the amazing Katelyn Bourgoin podcast episode – you can listen here.

As we look over the evolution of marketing careers, we also explore strategies on how to get the most out of your team members. This include the shift from doing yourself to managing people and getting passionate about achieving through others.

Even more, John teaches us why taking the time to learn from your customers through surveys and 1:1 conversations is key for marketers to understand their target market and build the most effective strategies.

We’ll also learn the underrated power of your Instagram explore page and why your notes app should be your best friend.

“People are healthier they are happier, if we are happier the society is a better place, right? Invest in your health today”

John McManus

About John McManus

John is the managing director at Hux. Having previously worked as marketing and branding director at Kind Snacks, VitaCoco and other successful brands, he has a passion for everything marketing and branding.

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“If I got more clarity, others have got more clarity.”

John McManus

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