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Jackie Bavaro on cracking your career growth

Did you know that the average person will change jobs ten times in their career? If you're a manager, that can be pretty daunting.

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Did you know that the average person will change jobs ten times in their career? If you’re a manager, that can be pretty daunting. Jackie Bavaro is a product management expert who has some great tips for becoming a successful manager regardless of your role.

Every marketer wants to be successful, but not everyone knows how to make that happen.

Whether you’re already in a management position or trying to move up the ladder, these tips will help you achieve your goals. We’ll look at building your intuition, hone your execution, strengthen your leadership, and develop your strategic skills.

We’ll also talk about one of Fab’s favourite topics, teaching. You’ll to learn how to make the most of your mentors by working with them and getting to see how they do something that is new to you.

“So much of the management role is about building a team and figuring out how can you grow the people on your team so that they can be more impactful.”

Jackie Bavaro

We’ll cover

  • How managers and teachers are so similar
  • Ways to improve your management skills and set expectations
  • Understanding your career growth based on scope, autonomy and impact

About Jackie Bavaro

Jackie Bavaro has over 15 years of product management experience, most recently as Head of PM at Asana. During her tenure, she grew the PM team to over twenty people, helped Asana’s go from 0 to more than $100 million in annual recurring revenue, and launched Asana’s associate product manager program. She has worked as a PM for Google and Microsoft as well, and in a diverse set of PM roles—consumer, B2B, platform, mobile, and growth. She has been a manager and manager of managers.

“When we become managers, the typical way to learn how to manage is based on how you were personally managed.”

Jackie Bavaro

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