#070 – Introducing feedback loops and purpose-driven brands with Jena St

One of the hardest things to achieve as a founder? Giving people what they want – or even better, getting people to tell them what they want. Jena Bautmans seems to have cracked the code (and spills the beans with us on the podcast). After co-founding her first company selling leather goods, her path and search for purpose, led to the creation of Jenah St. her goal being to lead a company with values of peace, respect, and harmony. Together we explores the balance between purpose, values and business.


About Jena 👇🏻
Jenah St. is a premium handbag brand, designed in Berlin and 100% made by European craftsmen with animal-free materials. The brand is advocating for a more mindful fashion industry and is on a journey to becoming 100% plant-based and circular. The brand won the 2020 PETA Fashion Awards for Best Women accessory.

Website: www.jenah-st.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenah_st/

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