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Ashlee Sang on living out your values within your marketing strategy

We explore what to do when your values evolve and how to communicate that to your audience with strategist Ashlee Sang


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Get ready to learn about value-driven marketing, a big part of what we teach our students. We may be too excited about this conversation, but can you blame us? Ashlee drops knowledge bombs and practical advice while withstanding Fab’s ever-so-distracting happy dances.

We’ll look at understanding the principles of brand messaging when positive impact marketing is in place. In fact, we show you why impact can be part of your brand strategy, from marketing to operation.

Evaluation and re-evaluation is important because change will happen inevitably, because even if you do not change, the market around you, the world around you will change. – Ashlee Sang

As such, we explore what to do when your values evolve and how to communicate that to your audience. We discuss psychographics and social listening as powerful tools to create personas and the power of perception.

About Ashlee Sang

Your values and how you live them out, how you show up in those values are how you stand out.

Ashlee Sang is based in Central Illinois, with a background in anthropology and a penchant for travel. Through Ashlee Sang Consulting, she works with visionary founders who want to grow their impact and their business in a way that’s rooted in values and propelled by purpose.

Before doing brand messaging strategy and marketing consulting, she worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations, including a human rights education NGO in Senegal and a local branch of Habitat for Humanity. The common thread has been sharing messages that matter.

Ashlee is passionate about small, personal changes anyone can make to protect our shared environment and improve people’s lives. She’s a fan of one-liners, happy surprises, and taking walks in the sunshine. Learn more at ashleesang.com.

Instagram: @ashleesangconsulting
Linkedin: Ashleesang

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