#019 – How to encourage diversity and inclusion in your marketing and business

In this episode, we have a close look at impact marketing, making a difference and making a positive change with Mindy Morgan Avitia. With strong values of authenticity, justice, and creativity she brings a breadth of community and social impact experience to her work. She’s passionate about authentic storytelling, listening deeply, and finding the truth.

About Mindy 👇
Mindy Morgan Avitia is a writer, mama, and marketing consultant based in Austin, Texas.
She has crafted brand voices and led marketing departments for both local and national organizations.
Her work has been featured in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, An Injustice! Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine, Better Marketing, Scary Mommy, The Startup, and more!

Forever a Jersey Girl in ATX, she believes all moms are heroes, iced coffee can save the day, and bagels will always beat breakfast tacos.

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