Top tools to create video content on a budget

Here are the tools you need to help you create video content on a budget. From the platforms to equipment, here's what you need to know

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More and more professionals creators, marketers and founders alike know the importance of being able to get in front of their audience through video. Yet, when looking for tools to create video content, the advice can be often overwhelming.

If Reels and TikTok content usually require not much more than a good phone and a tripod, YouTube and digital products are a different game entirely.

With the rise of better video content, many online event hosts and course creators have seen audiences becoming more receptive to the quality of the production. Does this mean you should create a full video recording studio in your laundry room?

Not necessarily.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to creating and recording videos is that it has to be done with loads of equipment and loads of softwares. If you know us, then you know that that’s not the case.

There are different ways that people do this, and the most common among our students include webinars, discovery calls, weekly Q&As and coaching calls.

There are some tools that we recommend and again and again and again. However, all you need is a way to record your video in the first place. This is why we decided to share some of our favourite tools when it comes to video recording and editing.

All of our products are carefully picked and recommended by the team. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission which goes to help us producing amazing content for you.

Create video content on your phone

These tools are handy especially for recording with your phone, but not necessary. If you have a good quality phone camera, you are truly halfway there.

Still, I do swear by a tripod as it’s saved so much time over the past few years. I used to have a desk tripod and a standing one, but I currently mainly use the ring light tripod you find at the top of this list.

  • Ring light tripodI had this tripod for four years. It’s sturdy and simple, yet it has worked for me in a variety of occasions, it never let me down. I love the fact it can adjust the height, as most social videos I tend to record are standing.
  • Amazon basics tripod – sometimes coming back to basics is what we need. This tripod can be a great addition to a starter kit.
  • Portable smartphone video kit This is a smartphone video rig with a video microphone, which also has a tripod to allow easier recording. It is equipped with a professional directional shotgun microphone, which can combine audio and video together. It is universal for IOS and Android system and can be good if only focusing on social videos.
  • Tencro Microphone – Tencro is a Microphone Stand is a convenient and useful invention widely used in stores, families, stages, studios, broadcasting and TV stations, etc. It can carry a variety of microphones and delivers long-time performance. The adjustable legs allow you to carry it with you easily and adjust the suitable angle & height to your perfect recording., recommended for more dynamic podcasting and videos with no slides.

Create video content on our laptop

When you are looking to create content

  • Zoom – Zoom has a free plan that allows you to record content through your meetings and calls. You can also present a series of slides and record a webinar with no extra equipment needed.
  • Loom – Loom is a software that allows to record and share video messages of your screen, cam, or both. The easy sharing option works well with native integrations on most community platforms, as well as Notion. For quick, easy recordings made from within your browsers, you can record with the Loom Chrome extension. If you’d like some added features, such as HD recording and drawing tools, swap to the Loom desktop app.

Laptop microphones

One thing has to be said – always invest in a microphone first. There is nothing worse then fishbowl like audio and unclear audio when it comes to educational pieces. Funnily enough, I own both the microphones below and they are both equally excellent. If you don’t want to invest in a camera, start by making sure your sound is clear and understandable.

Blue Yeti

Check it out here

You can record video and stream with unparalleled sound quality direct to your computer with Yeti, the ultimate professional USB Microphone. Featuring four different pattern settings, Yeti USB mic is ideal for podcasting, voice for YouTube, game streaming on Twitch, Skype calls, music and more.

With simple controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute and microphone gain, you’ll be recording and streaming right out of the box. The Yeti does not require any driver install; simply plug it into your computer’s USB port with the included USB cable and you’re ready to record and stream.

Blue Snowball

Check it out here

For podcasting or audio for your YouTubes-the Snowball Black iCE USB mic delivers audio quality that’s light years ahead of standard headset mics or your computer’s built-in microphone.

Promises crystal clear audio for Skype, Twitch, FaceTime, YouTube video narration and more. Easy to instal with a plug and play for PC and Mac-no drivers required. Not my favourite choice for podcasts.

External cameras

These are great options for YouTube videos and on-camera workshops. I personally prefer using my phone via Camo Studio (you can find more info below).

Should I buy a webcam on Amazon?

My personal advice is no. I found that most webcams are limited in their range of features, and often lose connection with your laptop. Also cheap webcams do not provide high quality video, and lack in focus adjustments. Do not make my mistake, save some bucks.

A lot of people swear by DSRL. I found that you do not have to invest in one, but could be handy for more professional shoots if you are tech savvy and willing to buy external cables to connect your cameras to your laptop (check this youTube video for a great tutorial).

Turn your phone into a camera with Camo

Use your phone as a webcam to look amazing on video calls Access the incredible cameras on your phone with Camo and get powerful effects and adjustments for Zoom, Meet, and more. The quality is amazing with 1080p and super hi-res streaming direct from the amazing cameras on your iPhone or Android device.

No extra hardware needed, and no messing around with drivers. Natively compatible on both macOS and Windows. Plug in your phone and youʼre good to go!

The beauty of Camo is that you can get started for free, and upgrade to Pro (I did!) for more functionalities. Hardware and software controls to adjust lenses, lighting, colours, zoom, crop and focus. All controlled by your computer, without needing to touch your phone.

Canon Powershot from £289

Check it out here

Effortlessly shoot realistic Full HD 60p movies with one touch of the Movie Record Button. Record incredibly steady movie footage – even when shooting handheld, running or zooming in – thanks to 5-axis Advanced Dynamic IS, which counteracts camera shake caused by strong movement.

Take short, concise, 4, 5 or 6 second movies with a variety of playback options using Short Clip Movie.

Editing movies is easy using Story Highlights, which intelligently selects photos and movie clips of certain people, events, or dates and combines

Canon Powershot SX620 from £165

Check it out here

Wi-Fi with NFC and image sync make it simple to connect to your smart device, capture shots remotely, then share or back up your creations It also records steady, shareable full HD movies with auto zoom and dynamic IS.

Before you get caught up in articles that recommend the best of the best (and the most expensive) video equipment for your business, keep in mind that you can get started with creating high-quality video content without breaking the bank.

With a little creativity and these top tools to create video content on a budget, you’ll be well on your way to engage your audience and produce videos that achieve your business goals.

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