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Organise your digital life with Frances from the Notion Bar

Notion is a digital toolbox to design your dream digital tool, product or template. Even more so, it’s one of Fab’s favourite tools. In fact, you will not be surprised to hear she got excited during the interview with the Notion Bar.

Setting systems in your digital space is as essential as your offline life. In this episode, we’ll help you crush your goals by looking at setting up Notion dashboards. For example, we’ll discuss how to create templates that are both functional and beautiful.

Frances from the Notion Bar will guide us through how to tailor Notion systems to them. Moreover, we’ll explore the concept of a second brain and how to make it personal to you and find a way to create that safe space for you. We even draw similarities with the popular hit show “the Home Edit”, as we discuss organising your physical and digital lives.

About Frances from the Notion Bar

Frances Odera Matthews is the Founder of The Notion Bar, one of the world’s few Certified Notion Consultants and a seasoned design-thinker/ops specialist across many industries. She empowers everyday people and extraordinary companies to crush their goals with tailored workflows and dashboards that are equal parts functional and beautiful. This is only possible through the no-code Notion toolbox to design your dream digital tool, product or template.


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