How to nail your next PR pitch

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How to nail your next PR pitch

Learn how to nail your next PR pitch and the 3 key ingredients to bear in mind when compiling your pitch according to a PR expert

Don’t assume that what you do, or your product is inherently important. Chances are, outside of your inner circle, no one is going to care about what you do more than you. So, in order to take that outsider view and shine a light on your product or yourself, you’ve got to put yourself in that space.

Put yourself in the shoes of the journalist. Ask yourself, would I care about this story/product I am selling? How do I get a journalist to care about this? Find that sweet spot: gold. 

Feeling confident is everything, it changes how people perceive you. 

So, how do you nail your next PR pitch? We asked the expert and enlisted Naomi White PR Coach and Consultant and founder of Naomi White Communications to share her top tips.

Top tips when it comes to nail your next PR pitch

When it comes to pitching the key to getting it right the first time is including everything a journalist needs to consider your idea to feature. Below are 3 key ingredients Naomi reminds us to bear in mind when compiling your pitch:

  • WHO – who are you? This is super important as you have to remember a journalist has no idea who you are when reading your email. A top tip? URL link to your website in your elevator pitch so that a journalist can go over to your website to find out more about you.
  • WHAT – what are you pitching? Clearly state what exactly you’re pitching and where in that magazine, newspaper, online etc that idea would be best suited.
  • WHY – why now? Why would this topic be interesting to their readership? What benefit will it have on their lives? What problem can you solve for them? If you’re struggling to come up with a compelling, relevant pitch idea, a great starting place is to have a think about what’s happening in the wider world right now and how you can help others with your product or expertise.

But before you even pitch, Naomi reminds us of two essential ingredients you’ll need to get you there First of all, take time to craft your elevator pitch.

You can clearly articulate to a journalist who you are and what you have to offer

“An elevator pitch will quickly get you noticed and also carries the added benefit that it includes key words so once your email is in a journalist’s inbox they can quickly search and find you for their next piece.”

In order to feel more confident remember that you are already the expert in what you do. You already are the expert. So, as the expert lead with your knowledge and your expertise, come at your communication from that place of expertise. The confidence will follow, as you’ll be tapping into your zone of genius.   

When doing your research, don’t go for vanity, go where your audience is. If you’re building a business that reaches students, what media are students loving? Don’t target Forbes, just because you read it!

How to go beyond your next pitch

All in all, Naomi also reminds us of the importance of having a PR strategy outlined. When it comes to how to nail your next PR pitch, strategy is crucial.

“Ensure you have creative proactive pitching ideas month by month and you’re ready to pitch without the overwhelm. By forward planning you can ensure your message is aligned across all of your platforms, from media coverage to social media content. Having a strategy is also how you go from simply achieving PR and making it profitable!”

Don’t forget to bring your team into the vision. Networking and raising the profile of your team/spokespeople is crucial for PR. Honestly, the more the merrier. Think about how you can galvanise your whole crew to join your PR mission. Each new person you meet is a potential loyal customer – don’t forget that!

Are you ready to become a pitching master?

If you need any help with your strategy, don’t forget to check Naomi’s work on her website at Naomi White Communications.


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