Make a difference with positive impact

Get results in your marketing strategy while making a difference in the world.

  •  Purpose-led
  • Value-driven
  • Human & accessible
  • For a better planet

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welcome to a new way of marketing

marketing with purpose is our jam

positive impact marketing

Want to be an awesome marketer and make the world a better place at the same time?

Our framework lets you take into account psychology and purpose in your overall strategy, so you can rock your results and feel good about making a difference.

We’re talking marketing with a purpose that builds meaningful relationships and takes into account what really matters to your customers. 



Understand your why and what you stand for as a brand. It’s basically your mission statement, your reason for being.



Define how you are showing up and adding value to the online world, commit to shine bright like a diamond.


human & accessible

No, we’re not talking about dating here, you cheek. Build real, meaningful connections with your customers.

did you know? 

45% brands currently have not outlined their values and shared them internally

positive impact marketing report, 2022

4.8 Billion Reasons to Get Purpose Right

4.8 Billion Reasons to Get Purpose Right

Access the yearly report with over 20 pages of data & insights on how to make your marketing more impactful, inclusive & human.

marketing certification

You are looking for your secret sauce —the confidence to tackle new marketing channels, take on leadership roles, or grow your marketing business and make a positive impact in the world while doing it.

spilling the tea

  • 8 weeks of classes, workshops, hot seats and panels
  • 16 live sessions to help you make the most of your marketing game
  • Over 20 templates and systems to implement in your marketing


Positive impact marketing can be addictive, please practice responsibly

self-paced course library

The ultimate library of coursestactics and templates, for marketers looking to use their superpowers for good. Get access year-long to our supportive community of marketing rebels, your personal cheerleading squad.

What’s Included:

  • weekly tactics and expert insights to help you market with humans in mind
  • our course library full of dangerously-effective frameworks you can plug directly into your strategy using the power of positive impact marketing
  • new shiny marketing systems and save time with your day-to-day efforts and set up new effective workflows

What is your marketing style? Unlock your superpowers 🖤

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