3 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram Reels to Build Know, Like and Trust

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Boost your presence on Instagram with a Reels strategy to make sure that your followers know who you are, like what you do, and trust you.

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Are you ready to build strong relationships with your audience through the unmatched power of video content, specifically Reels? Well, buckle up, because we have an Instagram Reels Strategy framework coming in hot.

It’s as simple as swiping left on IG stories (we know you’re a pro at that already) and tapping “Reels.”

Unleash your creative genius and use all those fabulous features – you know, like adding music, playing with speed, or using effects for a splash of pizzazz.

But the pièce de résistance? Show off your dazzling 15 or 30 seconds of fame by posting it to your Reel. Voilà! You’re now officially part of the Instagram Reel elite.

Yes, yes photos are now the algorithm’s new favourite thing (oh goodness knows when it’s going to change again, right?)

However, we believe that you should use video most effectively by helping you build in the know-like-trust factor.

Explaining know, like and trust

You might be wondering, what is know-like-trust anyway?

It’s a marketing concept that is based on the idea that we need to get our audience to know us, like us, and trust us, to take specific action alongside a marketing funnel.

This is very important because it shows the progression of the relationship we want to build before we can turn our audiences into customers.

The reason why I love this idea is that it helps us humping up how we can make the most of any tool by really following this simple process.

When it comes to Instagram Reels, as a specific feature on Instagram it allows you to tap into the format to strengthen different stages of your relationship with your audience through video, which in itself is a very powerful driver.

Overall, I like to be able to come up with at least three categories of content for each platform (or format, in the case of podcasts) and make sure they each build one core aspect of the customer journey.

Just starting? Focus on only one step of the journey to ease into Instagram Reels as part of your strategy.

Know: how to build brand awareness with Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a great way to get your followers to know who you are.

Whether it’s through transformation content, humorous videos, or interesting snippets of your day-to-day life, posting Instagram reels can help build brand awareness and let people know what kind of content to expect from you.

  • Behind-the-scenes: Create short clips showing the people and processes behind your business operations. This will paint a picture of the hard work, dedication and commitment that goes into creating your products or services and give people an understanding of what it takes to make them successful. Showing off the people behind your brand also helps to foster relationships between followers and the company as a whole.
  • Humorous videos: share funny and lighthearted clips of yourself or your team to show off your personality, while also making sure that people remember who you are. These types of posts can also be great for engagement, as laughter is a great way to make sure followers stick around!
  • Transformation content: We are not talking about your “traditional” before and after. We re talking about lessons and nuggets from your journey, your evolution. This could include uplifting quote audio trends (they are super popular in our self-paced course library), stories of personal success , or anything else that will motivate people to follow your journey.

Like: engage and connect

Once you’ve got people’s attention, the next step is making sure they like what they see.

It’s also about getting people to ask questions, connect with you and show you how you (and only you) can help them. Try experimenting in your Instagram Reels strategy with different types of content that 10x value and turn passive followers into active supporters.

  • Q&A: Answering questions from your audience is a great way to help build trust and connection with them, while also gathering valuable insights on how you can improve your offerings. Set aside some time each week to record an Instagram Reel that answers questions from the community, such as their top challenges related to using your product/service or their favourite features when using it.
  • Challenges: Hosting competitions or challenges is an effective way to engage with followers and encourage interaction. Ask viewers to create their own take based on a particular theme or activity related to your brand, such as cooking with your ingredients or sharing tips for better sleep with your mattress products. These types of activities will not only increase engagement but also give you more content ideas for future Instagram Reels posts.

Trust: qualify your audience

The final piece of the puzzle is building trust with your followers. Posting quality content that adds value to viewers’ lives can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and give them a reason to follow along for more.

Additionally, you can use language that uncovers their needs, problems and pains so you have a better understanding of how your offerings can help them solve their issues.

  • Social proof: Showcase your customers or audience, and let them tell the world why they love you. Give a snapshot of the results you’ve achieved, in just 15-30 seconds!
  • Client Stories: Post content showcasing how your products or services add value to people’s lives – clips of customers using your product, interviews with experts talking about the benefits of working with you/using your products.
  • Educational Content: Share instructional videos, how-to tutorials and other helpful information to show off what you know best. Perfect for businesses offering services/products so potential customers get an idea of what to expect from you!

Get inspired by psychology for your Reels strategy

If you are trying to bring more variety to your Reels and you are stuck, tapping into your explore page as a way to find those little elements of know-like-trust can be powerful.

Create different collections to save reels based on their main goal: is it brand awareness, engagement, or credibility?

If you can make the most of the platforms that you love and you’re in, you’re going to be able to amplify your audience even further.

Instagram Reels are an incredible and creative way to share your stories online, one 15-second reel at a time! Reels can help you create a story that is more eye-catching and interactive than ever before.

If you take the time to implement all of these tips, from creating captivating videos, choosing perfect hashtags, analysing insights and creating an action plan to grow your audience even further, you will take your reels game to the next level. So let’s unleash our creative sides and show off our best work on Instagram Reels with this strategy!

May the reels be ever in your favour!

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