A 6-week digital marketing bootcamp for marketers who want to do marketing differently and advance their career along the way.

University standards. Not university prices.

Our mission


The old way of marketing is not working anymore. We are looking to change the way marketers share their knowledge with the brands and clients they touch. We want to support marketers in the growth of their soft skills and leadership as an asset.




Strategy and frameworks

Develop your career and build your professionals brand with confidence. Learn how to bridge the gaps between marketing theory and execution. Become a better marketer and pave the way for future generations.


Mindset as a superpower

Get a competitive edge by investing in your personal growth, as much as your professional development. Develop soft skills that will help you succeed.


Positive impact marketing

Make a positive impact on the world and learn from the best. Learn from successful case studies and brands how to embrace a thoughtful marketing approach and apply it to your projects.


Confidence that drives results

Growth is what keeps you alive, upskilling gives you the edge to dig deeper. Build a unique toolkit that can help you advance your career, deliver stellar results through strategy and campaigns you are working on.


Students become teachers

You’ll advise and get advice from peers and bring your ideas to the table. From peer practice to presentations, you’ll put your learnings into practice by bringing your own projects to life and share them with the world.

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An affordable marketing certification to help you market to hearts, not brains. A unique and flexible curriculum that grows with you.


Your teachers

Fab Giovanetti

Founder & CEO of
Alt Marketing School

Khaleelah Jones

Founder Careful Feet Digital, co-CEO Ada’s List

Chelsea Cox

Sales consultant

Jess Audsley

Social media consultant

Hannah Flores

Authentic marketing
strategist & mentor

Ren Balogun

Strategy consultant

Veronica Wood Querales

Marketing mentor

Becca Holloway

Social media consultant

Raz Widrich

Founder at Pedagogeeks

Our student journey

when students become teachers.

We want you to learn how to market to human, not bots. This is also the reason why our certification is taught live by incredible teachers and experts from different walks of life.

How it works

  • Our curriculum focuses on practice as well as strategy. Workshops are taught live with fellow students to maximise learning and have you contribute to the conversation.
  • Our certification is aiming to explore new ways to market with purpose and impact, use your mind and your heart to drive a much-needed change in the industry.
  • You’ll be working on group projects and exercises as a way to consolidate your learnings and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Marketing tips & interviews straight to your inbox. Opt-out anytime.