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Spice up your marketing with skills you crave and a community of curious minds. Enjoy flexible learning with industry pros who’ll always have the perfect meme for any occasion.

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THE AMS Difference

Ready to sharpen your skills and become a human marketing-Swiss-army knife?

Here are 4 ways we are taking the education world by storm.

Study on Your Terms

Stream our courses and workshops anytime, anywhere. You'll find them as gripping as your favourite series. We're partial to Buffy, if you must know.

Never Miss a Beat

Staying current in marketing is a full-time gig (and then some). Our training is always ahead of the curve, so you don’t have to sprint to keep up. Plus, we lay the foundation with timeless principles.

Stay Sharp with Hands-On Projects

Complete projects for that all-round satisfying level up experience. Perfect for those who like their learning with a side of challenge – and a lot of high-fives.

Quality You Can Trust

Learn from marketing experts with university level training, minus the student debt. As members of CPD Certification Service we blend top-quality training with our irresistible charm.

A word from fab

Chances are, you’ve found our little digital nook while on the hunt for ways to make your marketing smarter, easier, and more efficient. Well, guess what? You’ve hit the jackpot.

I’ve poured my heart, soul, and a few espresso shots into building a place for all rebels to belong.

Why? Because marketing should be about real people, real results, and real growth – not just numbers on a sheet. Let’s redefine marketing together.

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Because Marketing Should Not Give You The Ick

Bid farewell to eye-rolling tactics and cringe-worthy cold messaging. We are here to show you (and teach you) a better way. For you and for your audience.

Marketing Inspiration Directly in your Earphones

Nothing against earbuds, but headphones are way cooler.

Listen to our award-nominated podcast with weekly classes from incredible experts, sprinkled with our signature AMS charm.




Develop the marketing skills you need and enjoy the fun you never knew you needed, with the flexibility to learn at your own pace—taught by marketers who speak your language.

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