Brand Archetypes for Marketers


Bring psychology into your marketing with timeless and universal characters that will fit into your brand’s very own story.

Transform your marketing from standard to standout—because who said business can’t have a personality (and a charismatic one at that)?

Whether you’re the Rebel, the Lover, or the Hero, we’ll teach you how to use these archetypes to turn your brand into a living, breathing legend that your audience can’t get enough of. Think of it as getting a secret cheat sheet to your customer’s hearts. We’re talking deeper connections, messages that stick, and a brand personality that’s as unforgettable as that hit song you can’t stop humming.

With brand archetype for marketers, you’ll learn how to be not just another brand in the market, but the brand everyone loves and trusts.


About your teacher

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and marketer of 15 years. She is the CEO of Alt Marketing School, looking to make marketing more impactful, accessible, inclusive and fun. Featured in The Next Web, Business Insider, Forbes among others, she was nominated one of the 50 digital women to watch in 2023 and 2022.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tell Better Stories: Discover your brand’s true archetype—be it the Hero, the Jester, or the Explorer—and use it to turn any brand story from meh to memorable.
  • Create Memorable Campaigns: Elevate your marketing magic by embedding deep emotional hooks in your campaigns, transforming casual browsers into super fans.
  • Build Brand Consistency: Seamlessly embed your chosen archetype through every marketing channel, crafting a consistent brand voice that builds trust faster than you can say “brand loyalty”.
  • Drive Engagement and Loyalty: Learn how to tell stories that do more than capture attention—they speak to your audience’s hearts, which is all we are about after all.
  • Elevate your Content Across all Platforms: Add a unique touch to your social media strategy with archetypal themes that resonate, inspire, and engage, tailored to tickle your audience’s fancy.

This course is perfect for…

  • Creative Marketers: Amp up your creativity levels by learning to weave timeless archetypes into your marketing strategies. Become a master storyteller who can connect deeply with audiences.
  • Brand Leaders: Inject personality and charisma into your brand. Stand out from the crowd by using archetypes to transform your brand into a living, breathing entity that your customers can’t get enough of.
  • Consultants: Supercharge your consulting toolkit with the power of archetypes. Help your clients create a unique edge in their market by fostering meaningful connections with their audiences.
  • New Marketers: Jumpstart your marketing career with a deep understanding of archetypes. Stand out from other newcomers by leveraging archetypes to create memorable marketing campaigns.

Course project

By the end of this course, you’ll create a one-pager that not only showcases your selected archetype but also can elevate your marketing strategy. This course will help you strategically align your brand’s core values and personality with your marketing campaigns using your archetype as the foundation.

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Navigating through a sea of course options might leave you with a sprinkle of skepticism and at AMS we completely understand that. At the end of the day, our job is to help you succeed. 

We want to give you EVERY opportunity to not just consume but to implement the knowledge and strategies absorbed from our training. Hence, we’re offering a full MONTH for you to dive deep into the course, align with the lessons, apply the strategies, and do the work to make your marketing more effective. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Busy Marketer Alert! Can I pace my own learning journey?
Absolutely! This training is crafted to snugly fit into the busy schedules of marketers like you. Go ahead – pace it out and implement as you delve into the lessons. Whether you sprint through in one day or stride gracefully over one month, your unique journey through our lessons is what makes it special. Your learning, your pace.

Nope, no ticking clocks here! Once you’re in, you’re in for a lifetime of access. We continuously refine, add, and update our content to keep it sparkly and relevant. So, not only do you have forever access to the current content, but you’ll also receive all future updates and enhancements as long as the course exists!

What sets our classes apart is our commitment to hands-on, actionable learning. While many courses offer theoretical knowledge, ours are designed for real-world application. Each course is an immersive experience where the skills you acquire are applied immediately and integrated into your marketing toolkit.

Since the course lets you follow your own learning journey, time investment can vary. Dedicating approximately two hours a day to the training allows you to get through the course in about a weekend. But remember, replay, pause, and play it again whenever you need.

We aim to build training that can support marketers with all levels of knowledge. Each course also includes a breakdown of the level of knowledge required and anything else you may need to make the most of your training. 

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