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Being True to You on Social Media with Tomisin Smith

Discover the journey of Tomisin Smith, social media strategist passionate about bringing your true self on social, who successfully scaled her own agency and account online.

If you are a marketer and have been spending enough time on Instagram over the past year, the amazing Tomisin Smith is among those people you’d surely have come across.

As the owner of Twenty Six Digital, Tomisin isn’t just riding the digital wave. She’s making it. With a career that spans nearly a decade, her approach is as refreshing as it is needed, blending strategy, authenticity, and a passion for setting things straight. Especially in the social media world.

In her own words, “The ‘mean girl syndrome’ on social media must be debunked for a more inclusive and positive environment. We all have a responsibility to foster a supportive space.”

In this exclusive chat as one of the featured top marketers from our 2024 list, we look back at her career, her Instagram journey (expect real talk), and the insights for the year that just started.

“I’m really passionate about social media managers getting it right. It bugs me that there’s so much hype about being a social media marketer with zero experience and no need to learn anything. So, I’ve carved out my own little corner of the Internet to teach marketers and business owners the real deal about nailing social media.”

tomisin smith

The Genesis of an Instagram Cheerleader

Tomisin Smith, big energy, even bigger smile, is here to debunk social media myths and set the record straight.

She’s walked the path, faced the challenges, and celebrated the victories of building an online presence.

Her journey is an open book, inspiring and guiding others, highlighting that social media isn’t just a tool. It’s a learning process. After all, “social media strategy is not magic. It takes time, effort, energy.”

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. Tomisin isn’t just about leveraging social media. In fact, she’s about doing it mindfully.

Recognising the tightrope walk between its benefits and the pitfalls of excessive consumption, she’s a guiding light in finding that sweet spot – where business growth meets a healthy relationship with technology.

And let’s not forget her passion for setting things straight.

Tomisin is on a mission, a crusade against the myths and misinformation that cloud the social media landscape. “I have a passion for social media managers actually doing the job right,” she asserts with a fire in her voice.

She’s seen the landscape littered with claims that anyone can be a marketer without breaking a sweat, and frankly, it grates on her.

“There’s so much information about how you can be a social media marketer with zero experience, and you don’t have to learn anything, and it’s just to post. And that really ticks me off,” she confesses.

“Content creation is great when you’re getting the bells and whistles, and everybody’s sharing your post, and the Analytics is looking great. But those posts that did not do well, they’re also lessons.”

tomisin smith
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The Power of Authentic Content

In her own little corner of the internet, Tomisin is not just teaching; she’s empowering. Her mantra?

Be real, be you, and let the content flow from a place of truth.

In her own words, context is not just king – it’s real, raw, and resonating with authenticity.

“One of the things I did that helped my mental health and my content creation process is changing my perspective” Tomisin shares with a spark of wisdom in her eyes. This isn’t just about hitting likes or chasing virality.

She understands the rollercoaster of content creation – the highs of a viral hit and the lows when a post doesn’t quite take off.

“Even the biggest creators on Instagram have experienced a post literally falling on its face flat,” she says, bringing a dose of reality to the often-highlight-reel world of social media.

But here’s where Tomisin turns the tables.

She sees these less successful posts not as failures, but as learning opportunities. “There are lessons in knowing what to do, what not to do, and what to do differently,” she explains.

Her approach is like a breath of fresh air in a world often stifled by the pursuit of perfection. “If you don’t post them, if you don’t put them out, you’re not going to know,” she encourages, pushing us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the beauty of experimentation.

“The only failure is in not trying,” Tomisin asserts, reminding us that the real magic happens when we dare to share our stories, our truths, without the fear of judgment or failure.

“Setting boundaries, like unfollowing or muting negative content, is crucial for mental well-being and productivity. It’s okay to curate your online space for a positive experience.”

tomisin smith

Balancing Digital Life

With the grace of a digital ballerina, Tomisin moves through the online world, fully aware of its power and pitfalls.

“I feel like boundaries is my middle name,” she declares, a statement that resonates with the wisdom of someone who knows the importance of stepping back to leap forward.

For Tomisin, setting boundaries isn’t a restriction.

On the contrary, it’s an act of self-care, a strategy to ensure she remains creative, present, and most importantly, happy.

She candidly shares her approach to managing the digital overload, a tactic we could all learn from.

“One of the things I do on Instagram, which is my favorite thing to do, is to either unfollow people or mute them,” she explains.

It’s about curating your digital environment, making it a space that inspires rather than drains.

“I’m in control. It’s my social [media], and I can do what I want,” Tomisin states, empowering us to take charge of our online experiences. “If at some point you feel like my message is making you feel antsy or anxious, please feel free to mute me,” she smiles.

It’s a reminder that we have the power to shape our digital journeys, to make them enriching and empowering.

“I understand that a lot of people are feeling pressured to grow into the agency model because people think the synonym of growth is ‘oh, I have to become an agency’. But that’s not true. Scaling a business should not be driven solely by societal pressure or perceived growth expectations.”

tomisin smith

From Freelancer to Agency Owner

Tomisin Smith’s evolution from a solo freelancer to the driving force behind Twenty Six Digital reflects the complexities of agency life.

Reflecting on her affinity for the agency model, Tomisin shares, “I’ve always worked in marketing. My first job was an ad director in an agency. I really like the agency model.”

This love for collaborative dynamics fuelled her transition, but it wasn’t without its challenges.

Tomisin doesn’t shy away from the realities of scaling a business. “It’s actually harder to scale a business than a lot of people think,” she candidly admits, highlighting the often underappreciated efforts behind agency success.

Offering advice to aspiring agency owners, Tomisin emphasises, “You have to be sure that’s what you want to do.”

  • Consider the challenges and sacrifices the agency life may entail and weigh the risks and benefits before making decisions.
  • Remember, you can scale and grow without having to grow a team or expand like any traditional agency.
  • Agency ownership is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation, not just an expansion of responsibilities.

“A social media strategy is the set of the choices you choose to make on social and how that affects everything. […] It’s a science of actually understanding who you’re communicating with.”

Tomisin Smith

Crafting a Social Media Strategy with Substance

In the world of social media, where trends flicker and fade with dizzying speed, Tomisin reminds us that an effective social media strategy is rooted not just in what’s trending, but in what’s enduring and impactful.

“Your social media strategy is not trending audio. It’s not a calendar. It’s not how you post,” winks with a big smile. Her philosophy revolves around a deep understanding of the audience, market research, and crafting content that resonates authentically with her community.

When delving into the heart of strategy, Tomisin emphasises, “A social media strategy is the set of choices you choose to make on social and how that affects everything.

In a way, it’s about knowing who you’re talking to and why, understanding the nuances of your audience, and aligning your content with their interests and needs.

Her strategic approach is a blend of science and art.

“It’s a science of actually understanding who you’re communicating with,” she explains, highlighting the importance of diving deep into audience psychographics and demographics.

A true strategy goes beyond following trends. In fact, It’s about making intentional choices that align with your brand’s vision. “Use a strategy for 90 days before deciding that it’s working or not,” she advises.

What 2024 Has in Store for Tomisin Smith

When asking: “what can we expect from 2024?” she barely things about it. In fact, it’s about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming marketing.

“AI, you either get with it or you don’t,” she states, recognising the inevitable integration of technology in marketing strategies. For example, Tomisin sees AI not as a threat, but as a powerful ally that can enhance efficiency and creativity.

This isn’t about replacing human creativity but augmenting it, leveraging AI to uncover new possibilities and efficiencies.

In fact, her perspective on AI is both practical and forward-thinking. “It’s only going to get bigger,” she acknowledges, urging marketers to embrace AI’s potential to work smarter and faster.

“As a marketer, you need to understand that the only thing AI will do for you is make your job easier,” she explains.

After all, trends may come and go, AI will undoubtedly shift the way we market online, but in her parting words, Tomisin Smith emphasises the importance of ethics, kindness, and humanity in social media.

Above all, she challenges the notion that one’s worth on social media should be defined by the number of followers or years of experience in marketing.

Instead, she highlights that the only thing she has over others is her experience, and she believes in treating everyone as equals: “I’m not better than you because of how many followers I have. I’ve been working in marketing for 10 years. The only thing I have over you is experience.”

Tomisin’s message, content and overall vision is a call for authenticity, humility, and ethical behaviour on social media, stressing that true value comes from genuine connections and mutual respect rather than external metrics.

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