6 killer tips on how to write the best About Page

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The recipe to an irresistible about page and how you can create an amazing story that connects with your audience

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You want people to visit your website and stay awhile. But if your about page is yawn-worthy, they’ll be gone before you can say “contact us.” So how do you write an about page that’s irresistible?

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips. Use these tips and watch those web browsers turn into loyal customers.

Meet the protagonist of your about page

Ready to make a great first impression? Start your about page off with a bold headline that lets visitors know who you are and what you do. Most people have heard the age-old adage: Thy About Page is not about You, Darling. Nay, ‘tis about Who You Are Serving.

Yes, it is. But it’s not always that simple. Let’s talk about it. Your About Page is your street cred, served up with a focus on your audience.

The first purpose of your About Page is to give people a glimpse of who you are and how you help them. This is a tried and true method. You explain a little bit about who you are, your professional background, and what you do for readers. For service professionals, this can work fabulously well.

Ultimately, people want to work with you because you have the experience and results that they need to trust you.

An easy way to start this process is by filling in the blanks:

I am _________. I (verb) ___________, ___________, and ___________. I’ve helped __________ amount/types of people (verb) __________ and _________. Through my experience doing ________ and ________, I’ve achieved _________ and ___________. Nowadays, I work with people in the following ways: __________, ___________, and ___________.

Writing the About Page of your company? Simply change the “I” to “we” instead.

Keep your about page simple

Make sure your About Page doesn’t go on for days. Keep the entire page less than 500 words—shorter if possible, and don’t be afraid to change it as your needs change…websites are living, not static.

No one likes an ‘essay-style’ read, it can tend to be a bore and your audience won’t hang around for the full story.

Instead, keep it sweet with just enough information about yourself or your business so that folks can get a quick snapshot without having to wade through loads of unnecessary words.

The role of visuals in your about page

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagery must be worth a million! Incorporating images into your story can be one of the most powerful tools for any brand. It can help to add depth and complexity to your narrative, give insight into the characters and their emotions and bring an entire scene to life with eye-catching colour and detail.

  • Want to be more personal? Add a photo of yourself to the homepage and encourage people to head to your about to find out more.
  • Are you a company with a bigger team? Whether it’s part of your behind-the-scenes, you interacting with clients and customers or even results from working with you (hello social proof) pictures can build relatability faster.

How to identify your values

It’s possible that your audience needs to feel you. And by that, we simply mean creating a deeper bond with your audience.

You need to make them feel comfortable, seen, and honoured. The next piece to connecting with your audience is getting them acquainted with what you stand for, and what you believe in. If you have not yet crafted your values, there are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Look inward to the team behind the company–ask yourself what qualities you discover there that can become general statements of value.
  • Outline the experiences you’ve had as an entrepreneur or founder can be an invaluable way to find meaningful core values.
  • While researching competitors or others in your industry whose vision you admire or respect can lead to further meaningful insights and inspiration. With some thoughtful exploration, creating your own unique set of core values will be a simple process.

Taking the time to state and explain your core values gives customers of today – who are increasingly interested in ethical business – peace of mind that shopping with you aligns with their own personal values.

Write your origin story

A great way to do this is by telling the story of how you came to do the work you do.

Maybe it was by overcoming adversity, or you felt you were born to do it. Maybe you had the same exact issues your clients face, and after you figured out how to solve them, you felt called to help others do the same.

  1. Determine why the company was established: What gap did you fill, what challenges did you solve?
  2. Define the vision that drive your company’s ethos with the help of your company values.
  3. Document the hardships and successes that shaped where your business stands today.

From humble beginnings somewhere in the middle of Nowheresville, tell us the stories of how you began, where each twist and turn took you, and the epiphanies that led you to where you are today – always staying true to your tone of voice.

Foster connections through copywriting

When it comes to your about page, ditch the corporate spiel and make it personal. Visitors to your page aren’t just buying what you have to sell – they’re connecting with YOU.

  • Writing in the first person gives your visitors a connection to you like no other. It’s not only more enjoyable for them to read than if you had written as a company, but it also opens up the potential for a deeper connection.
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Make sure the story relates back to how you serve your clients. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing they’re looking for.
  • Keep it to the point. Let’s be honest, the days of lengthy websites with never-ending about pages are gone. Readers want to know who you are, why are you here, and how you can help them.

Bonus: craft your media bio

Your About Page is about helping people discover, vet, and contact you.

This is where it gets a wee bit selfish. How else are you going to get hot publicity if people don’t know you’re the real deal?

Have an additional 3rd-person media bio on your about page. You can also create a separate media page, but often it is not necessary.

Your 3rd-person bio lives up to the expectations of companies looking to feature you. You need to sound legitimate, and the third person media bio is a fantastic way to do just that.

This is where it’s especially important to include places you’ve been featured previously, important positions you’ve held, # of people you’ve served (or books you’ve sold, etc.), and how to contact you. Make sure you’ve got live links and an adjacent clean, professional headshot.

Go and write from the heart

You should now be able to write an irresistible about page that tells your story, connects with your readers, and makes them want to work with you.

So there you have it – 6 tips to help you write an about page that will make your website visitors fall in love with you. Now go forth and be vulnerable.

Don’t forget to keep it short, sweet, and make it captivating. And most importantly, tell your story from the heart.

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