Instagram Threads: Why Marketers are Buzzing About This New App

guy wearing all white with sunglasses while on his phone

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Instagram Threads: Why Marketers are Buzzing About This New App

guy wearing all white with sunglasses while on his phone
Explore Instagram Threads and how it broke the internet with the ease of sign-up, the simplicity of its features and transparent approach.

Heard about the Instagram Threads app yet? If not, you may have been living under a marketing rock. Whether it’s deemed to be the next TikTok or Clubhouse, only time will tell.

While Instagram’s Threads app has garnered a whopping 50 million sign-ups already (and Mr Beast being the first to reach 1 million followers), what’s the buzz among its users? Is Threads just another fad, or does it bring something new to the table?

Here are some random comments I have been spotting so far on the app (of course I had to sign up straight away, GAH).

  • “I love it here. Though it does help that’s it’s piggybacking Instagram”
  • “I am embracing the spontaneous nature of the app”
  • “I am here for the raw and unhinged vibes”

A the time of writing this, Instagram Threads is on track to become the fastest platform to reach 100 million users.

Just like TikTok during lockdown gave people entertainment, Threads showed up at the right time and with the right strategy.

The right time being a time of Twitter’s so-called demise (we talked about it on our roundups enough times). Threads appeared as the perfect replica of Twitter’s favourite feature, ahem, Threads.

With growing discontentment regarding Twitter’s management, the app provides an attractive alternative for similar interactions.

While some marketers are already rushing to craft the “perfect strategy” to sell clients and more, most people are looking at Threads as a way to engage with their community.

Let’s dive in to understand four ways Threads scaled to unmounted success.

Threads is Easy to Set Up Through Instagram

Ever experienced the dread of signing up for a new platform? Well, Instagram Threads sidesteps that entirely.

Instagram Threads, understanding this, made the onboarding process impressively straightforward. All you need is your existing Instagram account. No additional information, no extra hassle – it’s a seamless integration.

  • You can automatically import all of your details
  • You’ll be able to redirect people to your Instagram profile automatically
  • Your Instagram account also shows your Threads account

Transferring an existing audience to a new platform can be challenging. But Threads makes it simple by allowing users to seamlessly connect with their Instagram followers. They understood the value of maintaining your existing audience and made this a core feature of the app.

The psychology behind this approach is reducing barriers to entry. By simplifying the process, they’re inviting more users to join, thus creating a bigger potential audience for marketers.

Marketers’ takeaway: Make your brand’s user experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. The fewer hurdles between your audience and your content, the higher the engagement.

Threads’ Straightforward Features

Instagram Threads isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel; it’s refining it.

With a focus on streamlined, user-friendly design, this app simplifies the way we are creating our content.

Yes, a few users have been complaining about the lack features like DMs and GIFs, yet the core of the app is simple. And yes, we could argue is the opposite of the vibes 2020 Instagram was giving us.

They’re not here to add complexity to social media but rather simplify it. With core features like photo and video sharing, threaded conversations, and status updates, it’s all about ease and connectivity.

The app brings the focus back to simple interactions, reminding us of the value of relevance, as Adam Mosseri shared with the Verge in an exclusive interview.

“It would be great if it gets really, really big, but I’m actually more interested in if it becomes culturally relevant”

Adam mosseri, the verge

This approach has already paid off hugely. When users find an app easy to use, they’re more likely to use it regularly.

Marketers’ takeaway: Simplify your messaging. Don’t overcomplicate things. Clear, concise communication often leads to better engagement.

Threads’ Building in Public Approach

Both big honchos Adam M and Zuck have been openly sharing the journey of Instagram Threads on their respective accounts on the app (which I deem a brilliant take). From monetisation conversations all the way to

The psychology here revolves around building trust. By sharing the journey of early growth, Threads fosters a sense of security, which can lead to long-term user loyalty.

Now, the cookie will crumble once we’ll see whether Meta will follow through by listening to the audience and their needs and shape the new app according to what they want to see – similar to what TikTok has been doing so well in the early days.

“What we tried to do is pull everything together into a more focused effort so that instead of building a bunch of things not that well, we could try to place a meaningful, risky, but compelling bet together. So that all came together in the late winter.”

adam mosseri, the verge

Marketers’ takeaway: Be transparent with your audience. Trust breeds loyalty, which can lead to long-term customer relationships.

Is Threads the next TikTok?

I talked a lot about what I love about the strategy that saw Threads exploding. However, like every new platform appearing under the sun (looking at you, LemonAid), we have to be cautious. Understanding Threads’ purpose might take some time, and the fast-paced environment could be overwhelming.

Threads has achieved what many have envision for a social networking app; it’s like Twitter but with easy-to-use features from Instagram and Facebook.

The consensus from my audience seems to be let’s just have some fun for now, and not stress about strategy just yet.

Will Threads be able to carve its own niche? Only time will tell.

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