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Early-stage Market Research and Customer Discovery

18th April, 5pm GMT +1 📆

Ever wondered how to really get under the skin of your market? Or dream about crafting a product or service that your customers can’t wait to get their hands on? Well, you’re in luck!

This workshop is like finding the golden ticket to the chocolate factory of market research and customer discovery. We’ll guide you on a journey to identify your target audience by fine-tuning your value proposition and product-market fit. Dive into the art of creating a stakeholder map and a list of top-notch customers, partners, and investors. Consider this your treasure map for scaling up and making waves.

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Presented by:

Agata Bendrick

As the Senior Program Manager at Plug and Play, they lead the UK’s largest cleantech accelerator, connecting startups with corporates and investors to drive innovation in the energy sector. Managing a portfolio of over 50 startups, they provide mentorship, funding, and business opportunities, while also managing strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Shell and Siemens. They co-founded Pink Brew Studio, a CIC supporting underrepresented cleantech founders with business support and funding, having supported over 100 entrepreneurs and raised £1 million since 2022. Additionally, they advise PennPromise Ventures, focusing on early-stage cleantech startups with social and environmental impacts. With a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Copenhagen Business Academy and a Diploma in Communication Strategies, their expertise spans venture building, communication, and business development. Passionate about DE&I, sustainability, and technology, they aim to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Here's what we'll cover

40 minutes⏰

  • Zero in on the 100 people who will champion your product or service.
  • Hone your value proposition and ensure your product fits the market like a glove.
  • Draft your essential map to navigate the ecosystem of customers, partners, and investors for growth.

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