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How to Make AI Actually Sound Like You

9th May, 3pm BST 📆

AI chatbots are incredible, but there’s no dodging the fact that most content it writes sounds boring and generic.

Good news: there is a way around it.

Join Heather, Founder at AI for Non-Techies as she shows you exactly how.

Presented by:

Heather Murray

Heather is an AI expert, Top 20 MarTech influencer and Founder of two businesses: Beesting Digital (content creation and lead generation) and AI for Non-Techies (AI training and education). She regularly speaks internationally on the topics of AI and LinkedIn; both of which have been pivotal for her career. Heather’s businesses enjoy working partnerships with the likes of Salesforce, Nokia and Starling and their impressive client base includes Unilever, HSBC and Mitsubishi. Fiercely passionate profit driving purpose, Heather’s businesses use 20% of their profit to do hands-on work with the isolated elderly in their local communities.

Here's what we'll cover

40 minutes⏰

  • AI-generated content is crap.  Let’s look at why.
  • Training it with your data and custom instructions
  • Custom style guides and prompt tinkering

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