#050 – How to market like you give a damn with Stephan Stegeman

Fab had an absolute blast talking to CEO and co-founder of Shop Like you Give a Damn Stephan. Not only we cover the importance of purpose in your message, but we dig deep into how to communicate your values to your audience in a way that sticks. You are truly going to love this one.

About Stephan 👇
Stephan is an ethical entrepreneur who loves connecting with and learning from likeminded people because he learned that we can’t change the world alone. That’s why he chooses to invest the majority of his time in making connecting with likeminded people as easy as possible with 3 mission driven projects:
– Shop Like You Give a Damn (ethical marketplace)
– Vevolution (plant-based business platform)
– V-Entrepreneurs Network (vegan business network)


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