3 Steps to Creating Better Digital Products

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Looking to expand your income streams as a creator or expert? Creating better digital products is the way forward. Here’s how you can do it with a few expert tips

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In today’s fast-moving world of online creators, loads of folks are looking to jump in. They want to reach new people, make more money, and discover cool opportunities. So, what can we do to make sure we are creating better digital products?

We’ve been there, done that. At Alt Marketing School we created courses, learned loads along the way, and yes, faced a few bumps too. But, not everyone knows I have been creating, curating and analysing courses for clients for over 10 years now.

In the past decade, here’s what I have done:

  • Chatted and teamed up with some really smart people in this space.
  • Learned from top speakers and the best educators out there.
  • Tried and tested loads of online products before many even thought it was ‘the thing’.

So, fancy a journey with us? We’ll give you the tools and tips to make courses that people don’t just buy, but love. We’ll help you make content that gets your students excited and talking. Honestly, these are things we wish someone told us way back.

Embrace the Mantra: Less Content, More Impact

You know what drives us bonkers? Seeing loads of posts and videos claiming you can whip up and sell a course in just a weekend. Sure, if you’re just counting the hours you spend making content, maybe. But making something unforgettable? That’s a different ball game.

Here’s the thing: we all get caught up thinking tons of content means value. Like, the more we offer, the more students will think it’s worth their quid. But that mindset? It’s setting loads of us up for a right disappointment.

Content’s ace, but it’s how our students take it in that’s key.

Over the last two years, we’ve slashed our self-paced course hours from 12 a week to either one hour session with our masterclasses, or 5-lesson mini courses with our marketing labs.

Sounds mad, right? But here’s the twist: life’s fast, and we’re all juggling a million things. So, it’s not about flooding students with content. It’s about making every bit count. Our main goal? Making sure they finish the ride, get what they came for, and see the magic happen.”

Because the real key goal for you as a teacher is to make sure the people go through the journey, complete it and see the results.

Be Confident in your Presentation

This leads me to my second mistake: learning how to present and deliver a course in the first place. Whether you’re using slides or talking in front of a camera, your confidence and energy are what allows students to connect with you.

Whether you’re rocking some slides or having a natter in front of the camera, it’s that spark, that confidence, that makes students think, “I’m with this one.”

Too many times over the past couple of years, I’ve jumped into courses where the teacher was, well, a bit of a snooze fest. No offence, but it felt like they weren’t all that fussed if I was soaking it in or nodding off. And that’s a shame! Because even if their content was top-notch, I just couldn’t vibe with it.

Giving our content a little ‘meh’ delivery just won’t cut it. Whether you’re laying out your big ideas, explaining your method, or just diving into the topic, you’ve got to bring the energy. Especially with videos and audios, it’s that passion and confidence that’ll make all the difference.

Get Hands-On with Learning

Now, onto a slip-up that many of us are guilty of: making digital content without giving folks a chance to, you know, actually do something with what they’ve learned.

We might fancy ourselves teaching the eager-beaver students, the ones who’ll gobble up our content without us having to nudge them even a tiny bit. But, let’s be real: those golden students? They’re like unicorns – fab to think about, but rare as hen’s teeth.

  • Most students? They need a bit more. A nudge here, a reminder there, and loads of chances to put into practice what they’ve picked up.
  • Chuck in some interactive bits. Maybe a quiz or a fun game. Most platforms out there let you add these in easily. And trust me, they make learning stick.
  • Another option is to ask reflective questions. Help your audience consolidate ideas by having them think about what we are just learning.

Too often, we’re all heads-down on selling and marketing our digital goodies. But what about making it, well, good? The best content? It’s the stuff that gets students so fired up they’ll shout about it from the rooftops.

So yeah, you can cobble together a course super quick. But if you want to make something that’s really the bee’s knees, take a moment. Plan it out. Break it down. Creating better digital products is an art.

Always remember: it’s about what your content does, not just what it says.

The Evolution of the Educator Creator

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the creator economy, understanding the lay of the land is vital, which is why we wanted to leave you with some insights from The State of the Creator Economy.

Alright, here’s the scoop:

  • Bloggers are stealing the show these days. They’re out there, taking the limelight from coaches, and their wallets are definitely feeling the love. But it’s the educators hitting the jackpot, with many raking in more than $100K a year.
  • Want a keyword? Diversification. Everyone’s talking about digital products, and it’s clear they’re the new star of the show.
  • AI? It’s coming up in the world. But while many are jumping on the bandwagon, others are hanging back a bit, worried about things like keeping things real and, let’s face it, the price tag. Surprisingly, it’s the mid-tier earners, those between $10,000 and $100,000, who are most into it.

Alright, a bit of advice from us:

  1. Bloggers: Ride the wave. With the way things are going, explore those digital products.
  2. Educators: You’re on fire. So, why not add a bit more to your mix?
  3. Everyone: Apart from digital goodies, think about subscriptions, pro services, and maybe a bit of affiliate marketing.

Bottom line? We’re all in this wild world of the creator economy together. With these tips, we’re all set to craft killer courses and knock everyone’s socks off.”

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