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Jacqueline Bourke on multi-generations visual storytelling trends

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We dive deep into the research behind visual storytelling with Jacqueline Bourke who shares how visuals empowers us differently

Let’s talk visuals. Visuals have an incredible power: to connect, shock, and relate. In this episode, we dive deep into the research behind visual storytelling. Our guest Jacqueline Bourke shares how visuals empower people to act towards sustainability differently.

Jacqueline has a unique insight into how images work in innovative communications. Together, we explore the critical factors in choosing powerful imagery for compelling campaigns.

We also get introduced to Mr T and learn how mental health has become a prominent part of the conversation and the importance of inclusivity within visual forms.

People’s perceptions of what is possible in the world or as opportunities for themselves are often shaped by what we see or what we perceive to see. – Jacqueline Bourke

We look at trends and visual identity for Millennial and even Gen Z generations. For example, Jacqueline shares how to create content that hooks and relate to both audiences. In fact, she is reminding us of what brands need to bear in mind when talking with such audiences.

About Jacqueline Bourke

As Director of Creative Insights for EMEA at Getty Images & iStock by Getty Images, Jacqueline Bourke works with an international team of videographers, photographers, researchers, art directors and photo editors.

The Creative Insights team review worldwide communications and analyse social, cultural and technological data. Combined with Getty Images’ invaluable access to customer buying patterns, the team’s work helps identify and shape visual trends that better connect customers to brands.

A former Director of Art and Photography, Jacqueline is a media communications graduate with 15 years’ experience working in academia, advertising and media.

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