Dawn Morton-Young

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Strategist
I am a Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Strategist, An Executive Coach to Underrepresented Leaders, A Speaker and Trainer. My mission is to increase the diversity at board and C-suite level, and to make a tangible difference to minority groups within the workplace by supporting them to uplevel their mindset and skillsets
Leadership, Diversity, NLP
Watford, United Kingdom
Certified positive impact strategist

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I top off my portfolio career as a backing vocalist and session singer, having worked with artists such as Emeli Sande,ellie Goulding,and Madonna.
I spent several years as a senior HR professional. The mentoring that I do is with the experience of hiring to board level roles.

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Describe your ideal job/client/collaboration

Being an underrepresented leader in the corporate space for many years, I realised that particular niche challenges are not currently addressed by other coaches or initiatives

My unique coaching service is the only one to combine mindset coaching methods and professional skills development to ensure my clients develop their mental resilience, motivation and belief in their abilities

I coach from an understanding of the immense pressure and psychological barriers faced by those traditionally underrepresented in society. In other words, I coach from a position of understanding ethnicity, gender, disability and other barriers. I am the only NLP qualified executive coach with this ability.

What’s an underrated tool indispensable for your business?

Mmm, that’s a difficult one as I am a self-confessed technophobe! I think for me, it has to be hiring a VA. Can I call a VA a tool? She literally is the opposite of me when it comes to tech, and this has saved me time and money

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

You should do certain things professionally, photoshoots, brand kit etc.

What is one challenge are you glad you experienced?

It has to be not getting payment from clients. I am glad I experienced this, as I now have to better set up my payment systems

What have you learned since taking the certification?

I knew hardly anything about marketing – but also that if I put my mind to it, I could do things that were unfamiliar to me

How did the course support you in making marketing systems better?

The course let me know what was out there. For example, best practices, a roadmap for how to start organically putting my work out there and grow a relationship with my audience. Also, some really cool tools

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