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I help purpose-led entrepreneurs transform their digital presence from chaos to clarity
I'm Claudia Guerreiro, a passionate freelance digital marketer with over 8 years of global experience. I am all about empowering women and helping purpose-driven businesses. I am known for my "conscious marketer" approach - I am on a mission to make marketing a force for good!
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Originally from Portugal, I have been living in different countries since 2011, including the U.K., France, Cambodia, Singapore, and now Germany. I have visited over 20 countries so far and love to travel. One thing that sets me apart is my ability to adapt to new environments – I am comfortable living outside of my comfort zone and enjoy the flexibility of remote work.

In my free time, I volunteer and get involved in initiatives aimed at making the world a better place. I am a firm believer in using my skills and time to create a positive impact on the world.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

I offer marketing coaching sessions and online courses, mainly focused on building strong business foundations around messaging, lead generation and launching. I also love collaborating with other entrepreneurs that also promote empowerment and a positive impact in their industry.

Describe your ideal job/client/collaboration

I’m dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs who lead purpose-driven businesses. My ideal customers are those who are committed to making a positive impact on our planet, animals, and people.

What’s an underrated tool indispensable for your work?

Calendly! I met all my clients via a Discovery Call.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

If you’re just getting started in the field of impact, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It’s fine to be nervous! This is a new field with a lot of unknowns, and it can be intimidating to jump into something so unknown.
  • Think of yourself as a “maker.” That’s what you do every day: you make things happen. And when we make things happen in ways that benefit others, that’s when we make an impact — and that’s when our lives become meaningful and fulfilling.

Don’t feel like there’s only one way to make an impact — find what works best for YOU!

What is one challenge are you glad you experienced?

My biggest challenge has been navigating the broad and evolving landscape of the marketing industry. While there is growing recognition of the importance of better marketing practices, there is still a lack of agreement on what constitutes impactful marketing. This has led to some marketing tactics, such as fear-based strategies (e.g. fear of missing out, fear of not being good enough, fear of your neighbour having more, fear of not being beautiful enough, thin enough, loved enough…), being used even in the realm of social impact and sustainability.

To me, Conscious Marketing never uses fear to manipulate. It is authentic and real. It spreads love and joy, and it leaves people feeling warm-hearted and affectionate towards a brand, even if they don’t buy.

I’m glad I faced this challenge because it made me stand up for my values and not compromise on them, even when it meant making tough decisions. For instance, I chose to become a freelancer and turn down marketing opportunities that I considered unethical or harmful.

This shows my commitment to making a positive impact and staying true to my principles.

If you’re interested, you can even check out my Conscious Marketing Manifesto, where I outline my guiding beliefs

How can I learn about conscious marketing?

To get started, here are easy-to-follow steps that you can take completely for free:

  1. Tune in to my podcast episode: In this episode, I share my personal story, discuss what it’s like to be a freelance marketer, delve into conscious marketing, and talk about building a community on LinkedIn.
  2. Subscribe to my Conscious Marketing Insights newsletter: Every Wednesday, I send out a *free* newsletter including practical and actionable tips to help create digital experiences that truly matter. Join me and more than 5,000 like-minded individuals who are interested in conscious marketing.

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What have you learned since joining our community?

Since joining the AMS family, I’ve discovered a wonderful sense of community and realised that I’m not alone in my impact marketing journey. It’s been incredible to connect with other marketers who are just as passionate as I am about driving positive change.

Being a part of the AMS family has opened doors to valuable insights and fresh perspectives. I’ve learned new strategies, gained knowledge, and expanded my skillset. It’s been an enriching experience to collaborate and exchange ideas with fellow marketers who are eager to make a difference in the industry.

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