Master the Instagram Collabs Feature in 3 Game-Changing Ways

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We reveal the three ways to use Instagram Collabs to grow your brand and amplify your reach on Instagram using new features

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Growth and discoverability are still one of the most important focuses on Instagram.

Instagram Collabs allow you now to invite more than one person to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel so that they can share the content with their followers. Both sets of followers will see posts and videos shared. Views, likes and comments will also be from both accounts.

Have you felt the pinch of trying to increase your brand’s reach, only to find roadblocks at every turn? Together, let’s embark on a journey to not only understand this tool, but also harness its immense potential.

This feature presents an excellent opportunity for podcasters, professionals, experts, and even brands.

How to use Instagram Collabs

After uploading your Reel or Feed post, go to the share screen as usual, and then tap “Tag People.” In the bottom right corner, you’ll see an option to “Invite Collaborator.” After tapping, search and choose the user you’d like to collaborate with.

  • After choosing your collaborator, share the post as usual, and the creator will receive a request in their DMs.
  • The post will not appear in the feed until they’ve accepted your request (at the moment, you can only collaborate with one person at a time). If you get invited to a Collab, you’ll be able to find it in your DMs.

This feature has got lots of potentials for people to work together, amplifying their reach on Instagram. However, there are a few things you want to bear in mind when using this feature. 

The content you post will be shown on both the collaborators’ accounts. This means the branding must reflect both styles and personalities. Collabs will require some communication and coordination of efforts but could be well worth it to cross-promote content and save time.

Cross-promote with podcast guests

This feature could become an excellent asset for podcasters promoting their show.

Podcasts are hard work, and promoting each episode is an essential piece of the puzzle. Asking guests to reshare content on social can be tricky, so adding them as a collaborator could be a great way to help your guests resharing a video snippet to their audience.

  • Before inviting them to collaborate on a feed post or Reel taken from the podcast, I would always check your guests.
  • Use this as an alternative to manual posting with the incentive of saving them time and amplifying reach.

For your next podcast episode, let’s make a pact. Rather than just sharing the usual graphic, co-create a post with your guest. Not only will it reach your audience, but theirs too. It’s like shouting from two mountaintops instead of one!

Set up a competition via Collabs

Everyone loves a good competition, and what’s better than doubling the fun?

Collaborations make the world go round, and surely competitions can be a great way to spark engagement. You can partner with fellow small brands or experts and organise a joint giveaway together.

  • Create one post that reflects the different brands’ branding, and share it across your accounts. It also makes it easier to monitor followers.

Our challenge to you: within the next month, organise a giveaway. Partner up, set the terms, and use the Collabs feature to maximise reach. Remember, two voices are louder, and in this case, more rewarding!

Collaborate on a Reel for Discoverability

Video content is king, and Reels are still showing to have significant traction in the feed.

The world is opening up again, so you could even collaborate on a Reel in real life. It may be the most time-consuming way to use the feature, yet it may also be the most effective solution to create excellent content – and no, that is not just limited to viral dances. 

Don’t be afraid to play and experiment with this new feature. Find a partner, brainstorm a concept for a Reel, and launch it using the Collabs feature. It’s about time we made the virtual world sit up and take notice.

How to get Started with Your First Collab

  1. Define Your Goal: Before you delve into the nitty-gritty, clarify what you aim to achieve. Increase followers? Boost engagement? Launch a new product? Knowing your destination helps chart the most efficient course.
  2. Find Your Perfect Partner: Dive deep into your industry, identifying creators or brands that share your audience. A mutual ethos and vision? Even better. Together, we can shine brighter.
  3. Set Up the Collaborative Post:
    • Create a post as usual, capturing the essence of the competition.
    • Tap on ‘Tag People’, then ‘Invite Collaborator’.
    • Search and select your partnering brand or creator..
  4. Evaluate and Reflect: Post-collaboration, take a step back. What worked? What didn’t? Every collaboration is a learning curve, pushing us closer to mastery.

Like anything else, coordinating and working with other people requires some management skills, yet it’s worth it (if anything, for the incredible connections you can make along the way). Collaboration should be an essential aspect of growth on social media, and by pairing up, we can encourage discoverability online.

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