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Instagram Growth Made Easy with Instagram Coach Elle Money

Join Fab and Instagram coach Elle Money to discuss Instagram growth, unlearning Instagram myths, and building trust with your audience

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Now, we all know that social media can sometimes feel overwhelming with the never-ending stream of content. But Instagram coach Elle Money sheds some light on how to navigate through the noise and make your Instagram strategy effective and easy to grasp.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of aligning your social media strategy with your targeted content. Elle emphasises the need to unlearn the habit of trying to fit multiple concepts into one post. –

It’s all about being focused and targeted, so your audience knows exactly what you want them to do. Elle shares her own experiences with experimentation and taking risks on Instagram, as well as helping clients overcome their mindset obstacles and fear of trying new things.

The ever-changing nature of the Instagram algorithm can be daunting, but Elle encourages us to keep posting and measuring the results.

Unexpected Success Techniques

Elle Money also reveals her tried and true techniques for selling in direct messages (DMs) on Instagram. From keeping conversations concise to using the language of the person you’re talking to, Elle lays out a practical approach to maximising your sales potential through DMs.

And here’s an interesting tidbit: Elle Money actually runs her entire business through Instagram and doesn’t even have a newsletter. Talk about harnessing the power of social media!

Throughout the episode, the conversation touches on the importance of understanding the perspective of both marketers and business owners when it comes to social media platforms like Instagram. Elle emphasises the need to showcase the people and values behind a brand, while also reminding us to constantly reinforce our unique qualities as a brand.

If you’re ready to level up your Instagram game and explore the depths of its potential, we got you.

Remember, each post is an opportunity to build your brand and engage with your audience. So start experimenting, refining your message, and captivating your followers, one post at a time. The Instagram success you’ve been dreaming of is just a click away.

Key takeaways:

  • Elle highlights the abundance of fragmented content on social media and emphasises the shift towards more targeted and intent-driven posts. By aligning strategies with specific content, creators can deliver a clear message and draw their audience’s attention while avoiding confusion.
  • Embracing experimentation and taking risks is crucial on Instagram. Elle introduces a fascinating story about a client who unexpectedly found success with their niche Lithuanian account rather than their assumed more prominent English one. This reminds us to be open to unexpected opportunities and not make assumptions.
  • Elle discusses the significance of sharing personal stories, lessons learned, and journey experiences. These posts, which showcase authenticity, create a strong connection with the audience. Fab adds that trust and building relationships are paramount to maintaining engagement and long-term success.

Many unintentionally focus only on nurture content, neglecting to attract new visitors or promote their offerings. While it’s essential for building rapport, it’s not enough for growth, where many face challenges.

Elle Money, instagram coach

About Elle Money

Elle Money is an Instagram Coach who’s focussed on making Instagram easy for business owners everywhere. Equipped with years of Social Media Manager experience, Elle moved into coaching to show you how to utilize Instagram as a strong, organic marketing tool rather than doing it for you. Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and Elle will teach you how.

Check out Elle’s Instagram: @elle.social

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