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How to plan a signature workshop with Raz Widrich

Planning your signature workshop does not have to be hard. Alt Marketing school advisor and friend Raz Widrich joins us to discuss why practice matters both as a student and as a teacher.

Learn how to learn. In real life, the best way to learn is when you play with the content and you feel it, and you make mistakes and discuss it and criticize it. – Raz Widrich

Raz Widrich helps creators design online courses that turn users into fans, and a better version of themselves. Learn how to craft an irresistible workshop. We cover the balance of “traditional” content (meaning slides and such) vs. breakout rooms. Learn how to deal with “awkward silences” and a healthy dose of pop culture references and RuPaul wisdom.

The best thing to do is start small and find that specific topic where you want to be known and position yourself as an authority, focus on that and build up on that. – Raz Widrich

We look at ways to deliver a signature workshop to a varied group and use examples to add complexity and why you should always set expectations and define learning objectives.

About Raz Widrich

Over the past 10 years, Raz has been creating educational content for startups, business schools and professional training programs. He built over 100 classes about leadership, marketing, product, data, customer success. They have been taken by thousands of students across the UK and Israel.

Raz also worked with dozens of educators on improving the quality of their lessons, teaching skills, and ultimately, students’ results. These days, Raz runs Pedagogeeks, a new freelance business that helps creators design online courses that turn users into fans, and a better version of themselves.

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