#032 – How to find your own voice online with Alex Merry

In this episode of the podcast, Alex Merry talks about the evolution of public speaking in an online setting. Growing your confidence in engaging with a crowd online can be tricky, and with the rise of audio marketing, the power of your voice is more important than ever. Whether it’s audio marketing  Learn how to become the most irresistible person of any Zoom room with Alex Merry.

About Alex Merry 👇

Having spent the first 20 years of his life actively avoiding public speaking, Alex found himself co-running a charity fundraising organisation where public speaking was at the very heart of the growth strategy! He was delivering hundreds of presentations to universities across the UK and within a few years they had recruited over 250 people and raised over £12.5 million in the process.

Alex founded TEDxClapham, an offshoot of TED talks, where he helped the speakers prepare for the big stage. Some of those talks went on to change legislation, raise finance and lobby the United Nations. Since then Alex has been coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes and academics to create and deliver presentations on some of the biggest stages in the world.


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