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Save time and schedule social media engagement

Engaging on social media is a time-consuming task. Actually, it’s the most time-consuming task for most marketers. Learn how to save time and schedule social media engagement
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When juggling marketing tasks, we are used to blocking time for dedicated projects. Social scheduling and content creation quickly fell into that category. Yet, most marketers would find those tasks easy to tick off and accomplish in half an hour. However, when you schedule social media engagement, you end up saving heaps of time.

What is the most important thing you can consistently do to grow your accounts?

The answer to this question could be the answer to your problems. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes (January 2022). Engaging is, by far, the most crucial task to harness growth.  What happens when you block time to engage on social media. Since we like to analyse everything, we took the liberty to test this theory. 

Scheduling engagement on social media truly matters

At the experiment, we were still running an agency alongside other work. I took two months to test my theory. I used two examples, one being our agency and one being my personal social.

During the first month, I instructed my account manager to engage through our clients’ accounts as and when. I did the same with my account. 

Save time and schedule social media engagement and engage in your working day for a whole month during the second month.

What did we notice? These were a few of the results:

  1. We both felt more in control during the second month, as well as less anxious
  2. I stopped looking at my phone so much, scrolling through apps
  3. Productivity increased, adding a rough 20% more time to our respective days
  4. My account grew in following at a 2x faster rate in month two than in month one
  5. On average, our clients’ accounts engagement rate increased by 1.5%

The experiment was incredibly insightful as it clearly showed that such a simple step as scheduling time to engage could honestly do wonders.

A simple practice to maintain consistency

 Every working day we allocate 30 minutes to engagement. We mainly engage via desktop since monitoring your time is considerably more manageable.

  • My social media manager likes to split it throughout the day by approximately 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon.
  • Feel free to spend more or less time daily, as long as you make engaging part of your tasks. 
  • I also engage in acts like DMs, follow-ups, and direct connections twice a week, which is excellent for brand awareness.

It is not rocket science. It’s a straightforward way to organise your time more efficiently. 

The experiment proved that scheduling our time engaging on social can help create a better structure for ourselves overall. If you are serious about your social strategy, consider factor engagement into your schedule.

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