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Amanda Lutz on embracing imperfect and human content for SEO

Amanda Lutz has one true love, and that is SEO. She teaches the masses how to make SEO better, one meme at a time on LinkedIn, and has acquired a loyal and engaged following. Who better than Amanda to answer our alumni and students’ most burning questions?

As they discuss SEO best practices, Fab and Amanda profess our love for headers and bullet lists, the psychology of reading and writing for SEO, and bust a few myths along the way.

How much of a big deal is SEO on social media? Are keywords that important? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes. Amanda believes that digital marketing should be as simple and fun as possible – something Fab agrees on.

About Amanda Lutz

Amanda is a Nashville-based SEO content specialist with a passion for thoroughly researched and optimised content, analysing current marketing trends, and injecting humour into technical subjects. She began her writing journey as a social media manager before finding her true love, SEO. Amanda believes that digital marketing should be as simple as fun as possible.

She has contributed editorial and writing skills to dozens of books and online publications over the past decade and currently works as a senior content writer. – beginner guide to SEO
AHREF – Blog
Search Engine Journal – SEO guide
ClearScope – AI-powered SEO platform

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