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Natalie Scott on making money work hard for you

Natalie Scott on making money work hard for you

Fab Giovanetti

Our guest Natalie Scott discusses the power of understanding authenticity and relatability regarding financial education. Is your money working hard for you? We look at making the most of structure and systems to make money work for you and creating automations like “fun funds”.

Moreover, for all the entrepreneurs out there, we look at investing money in your business when you work for yourself. Natalie believes in normalising celebrations and milestones around pensions, contributions, and taxes.

In fact, we look at societal changes regarding being open to talking about money and judgement around discussing earnings with others. Should you be future-proofing your family? The short answer is yes. In fact, by helping children understand the importance of money, we can prepare them for their future with intelligent choices.

About Natalie Scott

Natalie Scott is a Certified Money Coach, that specialises in money mindset. Her ethos is to educate, elevate and empower.

She is passionate about personal finance and the literacy we should all know. Also, Natalie Scott coaches Gen Z and Millennials 1:1 to banish limiting beliefs and transform money mindsets. Finally, she offers consultations that empower you to save, invest and have a confident relationship with money.

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