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Empowering Gen Z and Millennials with Natalie Scott

Empowering Gen Z and Millennials with Natalie Scott

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Natalie Scott is a money mindset and savings coach from London and her ethos is to educate, elevate and empower. She is also a member of the collective and the winner of our Creative Impact Awards 2021 trophy for Best Coach and Mentor.

She is passionate about personal finance and the literacy we should all know, use and need. Natalie Scott coaches Gen Z and Millennials 1:1 to banish limiting beliefs and transform money mindsets. She also offers consultations that empower you to save, invest and have a confident relationship with money.

My time spent working in the fashion industry and witnessing colleagues’ money relationships and behaviours has greatly impacted my work today.

What is your mission?

I’m a money mindset and savings coach from London. I’m on a mission to educate, elevate and empower Millennials and Gen Z on everything personal finance. Our mindset is the foundation and compass of how we interact with money. In fact, it’s super important to tackle our limiting beliefs upfront. I especially want to affect change for women and make sure they’re financially prepared for what society throws at us daily!

I’m giving the community my honest, transparent and relatable personal finance content. I encourage them to empower themselves and take action!

So many times, we want to change our spending habits, save more and have better money management but fail just to do it. Not under my watch!

What is the biggest mistake people make?

That money coaches no longer struggle with their very own mindset and are bulletproof. Not true!

Most coaches are continually learning about themselves as they move into different phases of their life. Most coaches are doing the inner work, and some are studying to strengthen their expertise to be at their best for clients.

Feel more confidence with your finances

Firstly, don’t be afraid to get started. Many people wait until they have all the qualifications before they start coaching, but as long as you have a message people want to hear, you should be sharing it. You’ve got to start somewhere, and most coaches start with life experience and get qualified once they know this is the right path for them.

Secondly, grab yourself a coach! Most coaches have coaches. They are a great way to talk through your ideas and plans for your career.

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Lastly, connect with other coaches in your field. Find out what’s working for them and what’s not. I always say ‘collaboration over competition.’ Don’t see a fellow coach as a threat because you’re in the same field; see them as a friend and get collaborating! (I believe this is super important to eliminate any fears and imposter syndrome).

What is your favourite thing about being part of Creative Impact?

The community! Not only is it nice to be surrounded by like-minded people, but it’s also beneficial and crucial to have a team of people who have your best interests at their core. From the informative articles to the events, there’s something for everyone, and the resources are plentiful!

Natalie’s 3 top tips

  1. Do the work on yourself first so that you can give more to your clients. If you are struggling in any area of your life (finance, health, fitness), you should get yourself to a better place through guidance. Not only will you learn from other coaches, but you’re building upon your own experiences too, and it’s really beneficial to clients.
  2. Every client will be different, so take your time to listen to them. With coaching, you need to tap into the third level of listening. Levels one and two listen primarily for words. Level three picks up everything else, including emotion, body language and the environment itself. Allow your clients to open up in a safe space where there’s no judgement and refrain from making assumptions or comparisons to yourself. It’s not about you.
  3. Be prepared to go off-script. It’s essential to pivot from structured exercises if something interesting comes up in a session. Not every client will be linear in their approach to tasks, and occasionally a crucial/interesting memory could change the trajectory of the conversation. “Flow with it” and bookmark anything that you’ll need to revisit.

If you want to find out more about Natalie Scott, you can take a look at her website and her Instagram.