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TikTok stories made marketers real mad this week

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Let's say Becca is not impressed. TikTok is expanding the pilot of its Stories feature, which the platform was in testing last summer

Let’s say Becca is not impressed. In fact, TikTok is expanding the pilot of its Stories feature, which the platform previously confirmed was in testing last summer.

TikTok stories and new GIF library

Like an Instagram story, TikTok Stories last for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted, and they can be viewed by navigating to a user’s profile and clicking their profile picture. Moreover, stories also seem to be appearing on the For You page. Didn’t Twitter fleet and LinkedIn stories teach us anything, you all?

Similar to stories, we look at another new feature’s need (or effectiveness). TikTok has added another content creation option, with a new GIF ‘Library’ tool that enables users to select from popular animated content, which they can then integrate into their TikTok clips.

What are Facebook and Instagram doing on TikTok? Scoping out the competition? Recruiting beta testers? Nope, they are here to share how to create short-form video content, it seems. Indeed, Facebook and Instagram set up their own TikTok account. While Facebook’s account is still empty, Instagram decided to post TikTok about creating better Reels. Are we the only ones seeing the irony in here?

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