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How to make Twitter friends and build in public with Kevon Cheung

What does ‘building in public’ mean anyway? Share behind the scenes by reflecting on lessons from work in progress. Build trust by harnessing influence online (instead of chasing after followers).

Decide what to share with the public early in the business journey. We look at how to build in public when things are tough and get confident when telling your own story. Building in public can also help you create products your audience loves.

Fab and Kevon Cheung dig deep into dealing with being vulnerable online and accepting ourselves for who we are and even talk about Twitter as a great platform to encourage conversations and make Twitter friends.

About Kevon Cheung

Kevon is the author of the Build in Public Guide which has been read by 8,000+ entrepreneurs to date and he is now running a course called Build in Public Mastery to help entrepreneurs and creators grow their business by showing their work. His business is also built in public where he shares his monthly numbers openly with his audience.

Building Public Mastery:

Public Lab:
Making Twitter Friends:

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