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#083 – How to create content that builds trust with Anna Brightman from Upcircle

You better brace yourself, team. Get your notepad at the ready, as it is going to be a good episode. Anna Brightman, the co-founder of Upcircle, takes us behind the brand’s social media accounts (and so much more).
We discuss UGC, embracing raw and unfiltered content, and lessons from embracing TikTok (and trending sounds). You’ll learn about the benefits of creating native content for the platform and the crucial role of video in your strategy. We also discuss how you can use marketing to build trust and credibility, looking at user intent and how to get people to support you, not “buy” from you.


About Anna Brightman and Upcircle beaury👇🏻

Anna was 22 when she launched UpCircle, the brand known for pioneering the “by-product beauty” trend. In 2020 Anna and her team launched the UpCircle range into 2000+ retail doors across the UK and USA, tripled the size of their team and launched seven new products. All in the height of a global pandemic.

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