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#067 – Transparency in marketing and business with Amy Moring

#067 – Transparency in marketing and business with Amy Moring

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What does it take for a brand to make an impact? Amy Moring from Hunter & Gather has an idea about that. What makes the brand stand out is not only its ‘digital first’ approach but also its impressive focus on innovation and value-driven strategy. In this chat, we explore the power of work culture, scaling a business and working smarter – oh, and how fat coffees will change your life.

About Amy Moring 👇🏻

Spurred on by a lack of trust in global food brands, Amy Moring, co-founder of fast growth optimal health pioneer, Hunter & Gather, launched the brand in 2017 to fulfil a lifelong passion to create a business that challenges and champions real food for all.

As a lifelong coeliac who has experienced at first hand the personal health implications of Britain’s unhealthy obsession with convenience food, Amy is fighting for change, showing people that there is another way, and that eating and living well is achievable.


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