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A modern school for professionals who want to do marketing differently

We are on a mission to help 100,000 professionals from all walks of life market to hearts, not brains and access marketing training from leading experts at university standards, not prices.



adding the human touch in marketing

When you add a little personality, authenticity and empathy into the mix, you create a bond with your audience that’s hard to break. That’s the secret sauce of positive impact marketing.


working for a better society & planet

Making a positive impact goes beyond your neighbour. It’s time we come together to support the planet we live in and love.


making the online world a kinder place

Kindness first, always – for a better online world. Working endless hours, weekends and evenings doesn’t have to be the norm anymore. It’s time to shake things up and create a positive change in the industry — let’s rewrite that rulebook and opt for a better balance.


 It’s time to shatter the status quo

Marketing should be accessible so that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, can benefit from it. We know that representation within marketing is far from perfect, with still a small percentage of marketers coming from marginalised backgrounds and even fewer of these progressing into leadership roles. We are here to change that.


making marketing fun

Marketing should be fun because let’s be real, life’s too short to not have fun. Plus, you are having fun, your marketing is just so much better. True story.

A Few Facts

30+ certified positive impact marketing strategists

over 150 students across our live cohort courses

1/3 of our students come from our scholarship programmes

rebel with a heart of gold

Meet chief marketing rebel & headteacher

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning entrepreneur, supporting people making a positive impact through their marketing.

She loves puns, pop culture references, loud music and strong espresso – sometimes one too many. Oh, she is also obsessed with teaching positive impact marketing to the masses.

She is also the lead consultant at Alt Marketing Consulting, supporting purpose-driven brands with their marketing.

She is here to change the way marketers share their knowledge with the brands and clients they touch and make marketing impactful, fun, inclusive and human once again.

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Great marketing is not just about selling, it’s about building a community of happy, loyal customers who feel like they’re part of something bigger.

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