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#018 – Stop using ROI to understand marketing value

#018 – Stop using ROI to understand marketing value

Fab Giovanetti
Why are we so obsessed with marketing to show a quantifiable return on investment? What if marketing could be about improvement, and not worth? In this controversial chat, Fab and Bill Skowronski discuss why marketing should be more about being better, rather than striving to be the ‘best’.

About Bill 👇
Bill Skowronski (pronounced Sko-ron-ski) is the Business Development Director at Ignyte, a branding agency in San Diego, California that specializes in corporate rebranding. He joined Ignyte in early 2021 after spending 15 years in journalism, marketing, and communications.

Having held leadership roles in-house and on the agency side in both sales and marketing, Bill brings a wealth of valuable experience and a strategic approach to the integration of digital marketing and business development.

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