How to Land Your Dream Marketing Job During a Recession

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How to Land Your Dream Marketing Job During a Recession

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Learn about the 4 steps helping you find your first dream marketing job during a wave of layoffs

What do Spotify and Pinterest have in common? Pinterest just announced they are laying off 150 people ( 5% of its workforce) but didn’t disclose who was getting let go, while Spotify cut off 6% of jobs in marketing and advertising. You may be wondering: is this the right time for me to look for my dream marketing job?

The ugly truth is, as “economic uncertain” became a big buzzword over the past months in the tech world. Some companies view this time as a socially-acceptable window where job cuts won’t be frowned upon.

We understand how difficult these times can be for anyone who has experienced a job loss recently. In fact, we want you to know that our thoughts go out to all of them.

Unfortunately, when layoffs occur it’s easy to point blame elsewhere instead of examining what happens behind closed doors. Simply put, companies can often stifle creativity while they focus for higher profits and this puts people into stagnant states. It’s doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can find a company that values the creativity and curiousity marketers bring to the table.

So what can you do to land your dream marketing job? Whether you are looking for your first job in marketing, there are still plenty of options.

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Look a transferrable skills you can apply to a marketing career

If you’re thinking about a career in marketing, the good news is that there is no shortage of transferrable skills that can help launch your career.

For example companies are recognising the need for CMOs with a knack for mathematics and computer science.

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted this shift away from traditional branding candidates to those who have experience in performance marketing; ones that can read data as fluently as they could craft stories.

It’s not enough anymore just to be creative – now brands require a more scientific approach under their Chief Marketing Officer!

So many skills can be transferred into a marketing strength!

Whether you have a knack for creative problem solving or an eye for spotting trends, putting together witty copy or honed project management skills – any of these can be put to use in the notoriously fast-moving field of marketing.

Many companies are also on the lookout for people with marketing training, so you may want to consider part time courses or look for training options whilst in your current role – as it could give you the edge over other applicants.

Network with people in the marketing industry, even if you don’t know them well

Networking is an invaluable tool for success in the marketing industry, but it can often feel intimidating to reach out to people you don’t know well. Don’t let that stop you!

Even if you don’t have extensive contacts within the marketing world, there are plenty of ways to get started.

Join networking groups or marketing communities (shameless plug alert to our Marketing Rebels community and our monthly match-ups), attend industry events, visit informational forums online – anything that gives you the chance to put yourself out there and connect with like-minded folks.

Before long, you’ll have the confidence and experience to strike up meaningful conversations with anyone in the marketing field!

Can you think of 3 people you can invite for a virtual coffee from your LinkedIn network?

Marketing is a huge field, discover which area really lights you up

Marketing is the Swiss-army knife of fields. There are so many areas you can specialise in, once you get a deeper understanding of the foundations.

If you’re looking to make a brand new career switch, there are some great options to explore within marketing.

  • Social media can be an incredibly rewarding field because you get to create content and work hard to expand an audience base.
  • On the other hand, SEO focuses more on search engine optimisation and finding ways for users to easily find companies’ websites through common searches.
  • Paid advertising or even account management may be more structured and analytical approaches that speak to you.
  • Finally, look out for emerging fields like email and growth marketing roles!

It all comes down to discovering which realm lights you up inside as you start job searching.

Start building your personal brand online when looking for a career change

When it comes to changing careers, social media provides an invaluable tool that you can use to get ahead. While we all appreciate CVs interviews, these days the internet plays a huge role in getting noticed.

  • Ask yourself 3 simple questions each week: what have I learned new this week? What was one win I experienced? What was one lesson I learned the hard way? Use the answers as guiding lights for your content.
  • Create a story bank in your Second Brain. These stories don’t have to be epic novels, they can be vignettes of your life and how they relate back to your journey as a new marketer. Everything can be a story.
  • Break down your favourite podcast episode, blog post or campaign each week. Share what you loved about it, and use it as a way to showcase what you are consuming and learning as you go.

Build an online presence sharing your journey of learning and approaching marketing, or crafting thoughtful and relevant comments on existing content. This way, you can start showing up more and build your authority, even when just starting out!

Start your dream job in marketing

It can be a tough time to look for a job, but there are still opportunities out there.

  • If you’re thinking of making a career switch to marketing, now is the time to do your research and start networking.
  • There are many different aspects of marketing, so make sure you find the one that ignites your passion.
  • And finally, use social media as a tool to help you land your dream job by building up your personal brand.

Making a career switch to marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right research and networking strategies, you can find an area of marketing that really lights you up inside and start building your personal brand online with social media tools.

It’s time to get out there and take charge of your own success! Whatever path you choose in this ever-evolving industry, make sure it is one that fulfills all of your professional goals – you got this (straight from your marketing BFFs).

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