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Is this the end of Clubhouse? Plus Instagram’s new strategy

If we could give Clubhouse’s founders one piece of advice, what would that be? We explore some of the top changes on TikTok, as well as Instagram’s latest feature updates

Amanda Lutz on embracing imperfect and human content for SEO

Amanda Lutz has one true love, and that is SEO. She teaches the masses how to make SEO better, one meme at a time on LinkedIn, and has acquired a loyal and engaged following. Who better than Amanda to answer our alumni and students’ most burning questions?

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Use marketing to turn any product into a painkiller

In this short class, headteacher Fab will share how a marketing framework can help you better relate to your audience’s needs and turn any product into a painkiller

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Justin Moore on the future of the creator economy

Fab and Justin Moore had a deep conversation about the creator economy, its past, present and future and what we can expect next

Why you should qualify new website visitors

By implementing these two tactics, you can better meet your audience and subscribers along in their buyer journey and qualify new website visitors

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Are NFT features coming to Instagram?

We are back with monthly social media news with a brand new guest, the fantastic social media strategist Jess Bruno to talk about NFT on Instagram and more

Lessons from 100 marketing conversations

Can you believe it? We passed the mark of 100 episodes *throws party poppers*. We ask our friend and Alt Marketing School alumni Steph Dominguez to interview Fab to discuss some of her favourite moments

Natalie Scott on making money work hard for you

Our guest Natalie Scott discusses the power of understanding authenticity and relatability regarding financial education

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How to re-engage with your email list

As many people are now encouraging you to grow your list, we share a straightforward tactic to re-engage with your email list