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Brand archetype lab

Map your archetype and build a brand narrative that creates an emotional connection with your target audience.

Influence how your audience perceives your brand with principles rooted in psychology (and a pinch of Greek mythology for good measure).

Brand archetype lab is an immersive digital toolkit that helps you explore your creativity and core messaging as a brand. Experiment with how you showcase your brand and mission to create an instant connection with your ideal audience. 

Hack your audience’s mind and creates long-lasting connections

quickest way to create lasting connections

Join Alt Marketing School headteacher Fab Giovanetti for an engaging hands-on experience that will give you the clarity and systems you need to start embodying your archetype with confidence


hack your audience’s mind

Watch our 3-step masterclass exploring how marketers successfully use brand archetypes


identify your archetype

Take our quiz to identify your current archetype and its unique traits and check our collection for a full breakdown


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Adapt your archetype, creating a mix that speaks to your audience with incredible content from our content vault ideas

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Feel more confident in your strategy and direction as you build strong and lasting relationships with your audience

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Who is this framework for?

Brands, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to refine their messaging through psychology-based principles. More specifically, this framework is for…

  • Entrepreneurs establishing themselves ad thought leaders and using marketing as their secret weapon
  • Startup and scale-up brands in crowded markets creating a unique voice and message that is memorable
  • Consultants supporting multiple clients with strategies tailored to their archetypes

Who is this framework not for?

Brands and entrepreneurs already have identified and refined their brand archetypes. If you are confident in your archetype, your traits, messaging and voice, this training may not be for you.

make a bigger impact

“As a branding novice, understanding how your chosen values directly instruct the way you think internally, the way you act externally and how you speak to your audience. Using the values we developed in the masterclass, and following the chosen archetype, I’m going to consciously build a platform using my new found brand voice. With Fab’s guidance, I’m now ready to consciously and confidently think, act and speak through the brand values I developed”

– Matt, videographer

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