10 pieces of writing advice before you publish your next piece

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10 pieces of writing advice to help you connect with your audience so you can use for the next piece content you write

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So, you’ve made the exciting decision to make time to write something. This writing advice will help you connect with your audience so you can use for the next piece content you write. There could be several motives behind this choice.

  • It could be that you want to develop your business and reach out to a new audience
  • You may want to position yourself as a leader in your field and products as a brand.
  • Maybe you’re just uber-passionate about a very particular ‘topic’, and as a creator, want to spread your passion with others.
  • As an expert, you may be looking to share your story, knowledge and expertise.
  • It could be that you are inspired by the written work of others and are thinking, ‘Yeah, I can do that!’.

Before you get started, it’s definitely worth asking yourself some questions to ensure that you’re hitting the mark and getting the most out of your content.

Here are ten questions that will help you maximise your work’s effectiveness. You can use this writing advice for the next piece of content you write.

Who is this post for?

Firstly, try to imagine the person you’re writing this post for? It’s ok to aim your content at one specific ‘type’ of person. In time, you will capture an audience with more than one interest in common. 

It’s essential to accept that not every reader will relate entirely to the content, but keeping variety within your subsequent posts will engage more of your audience. You can target different sectors of your audience with each post.

 What is the purpose?

Think about the purpose of the piece of content. 

  • Do you want your post to be entertaining and littered with hilarious anecdotes? 
  • Maybe you want to solve a particular problem? 
  • Perhaps you want to educate by sharing some information or knowledge? 
  • Encouraging discussion and debate?

There could be several intentions behind your work, and it might be that you include a combination of these purposes. Consider how you can build your community by asking questions and inviting comments from your audience.

Will my audience care?

Consider the opinions and needs of your readers within your content. In fact, it will ensure that you gain their interest and trust. Create a ‘hook’ of intrigue to encourage their commitment to continue reading. Make sure that the reader will benefit from doing so!

You must understand your audience’s needs to pinpoint and target your content.

Responding to comments and answering questions will also help build rapport with your users and generate more interest from other readers.

What is unique about me?

Add your personal story to make sure that your content is original and captivating. It will provide you with a level of uniqueness. The inclusion of your personal anecdotes will add something different to your piece, even if others may have covered your subject matter elsewhere.

How about checking out the competition to see what’s out there already? You can search for your proposed piece or post title to see how unique you are. Try adding a different dimension to give yourself the edge!

How can I present my post?

There are many different ways you can enrich your writing with various media that will generate interest and keep those readers engaged. You could incorporate any of the following:

  • Text – the main content of your content
  • Images – photos, logos, graphics
  • Video – links to external sources, YouTube, and your message!
  • Infographics – charts, data
  • Audio – music, talking
  • Formatting – highlighting text and enhancing the appearance
  • Embedded social media

Does any research need to be done in advance?

The time spent researching will undoubtedly depend on the topic and content. You can produce some pots relatively quickly compared to those that may need time to gather information, analyse data, make a video, etc.

When you initially come up with your idea, ask yourself, ‘What do I need to do?’ so you can plan your schedule and what’s going to be involved in the preparation stages.

Be patient.

Is my deadline reasonable?

Do you have a reasonable and realistic deadline?

It’s essential to set a deadline to plan your time effectively. If you are a contributor, you may have a deadline, but if not, as writing advice, you should set your own.

Beware of the following pitfall. On the one hand, you’ll be rushing and potentially producing substandard work too short a deadline. On the other hand, you’re likely to procrastinate and get distracted by an extended deadline. Get organised, create your content schedule, and stick to it more significantly.

Can I go the extra mile?

Think of your content as a work of art. It’s a place where you can showcase your creativity.

Taking the time to include high-quality custom images, using references and including teasers and flavours of what’s to come in your future content will separate you from other creators or brands. So think, ‘What can I include here that will make my content different?’. Put the cherry on the top!

What do I want readers to do?

Hopefully, you will make a positive impression on your audience. Can you imagine how your readers might be feeling after engaging with your content? They could feel motivated, enlightened, informed, inspired, and enriched, among other outcomes.

You need now some ‘call to action‘ to seal that result, so you must invite your reader to comment, share, sign up, etc. Leaving a parting question will encourage discussion and comments and enable you to interact with your audience.

Can I recycle this post?

Finally, work efficiently and make sure that the time and effort you’ve spent on sourcing information and researching isn’t wasted. Storing your material in secondary text files will make it easy to access in the future and could save you time, especially if you’re looking for particular references and quotes.

 In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re ready to ‘do what you love, no excuses’. I hope this writing advice has provided you with a framework for planning and will enable you to consider all aspects before creating your next piece of content. 

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