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How to Shake up your Instagram Link in Bio with Milkshake App

How to Shake up your Instagram Link in Bio with Milkshake App


They already have the drive, the creativity and the community – all they need is need the right tools to make it a reality. We want Milkshake to make business dreams come true” – Madeleine Rochecouste

One of my weaknesses is linked to the “shiny object” syndrome. Whenever I find a new tool for marketing, I am always the first one to test it. 


The idea of a new free app that allows me to create a beautiful Instagram website was definitely something I wanted to get my teeth stuck in. As our work at Creative Impact is mainly geared towards creatives, learning about Milkshake was incredibly exciting for me.

Milkshake App was created to help predominantly creative, entrepreneurial women to build their personal brands, grow their businesses and make the most of their link in bio. Available on both iOS and Android, the Milkshake app is a fun, fast and easy website builder enabling anyone to make a stunning Insta website on their phone in minutes.

I reached out to the team and Madeleine Rochecouste from team Milkshake agreed to answer some of my burning questions about Link in Bio optimisation, Instagram trends and what to expect from the evolution of the industry.

When asking about the origins of Milkshake, I am happily relating to the overall mission of the product: “It was essentially created to empower women in the entrepreneurial space, as many feel held back from pursuing their goals because they believe they lack the skills, time, creativity and confidence to make their business a reality. Milkshake aims to empower these go-getters and trend-setters by providing them with a fun, easy and beautiful tool to turn their ideas, hobbies and ambitions into a business.”

Can we yas queen this? 

You may be wondering how Milkshake stands out from her cousins in the online space. 

Milkshake App allows users to not only feature multiple links in their Instagram bio, but connect their online community with their very own bespoke and professional Insta website – which can be created entirely from their phone within minutes.

“Helping Instagrammers make the most of their link in bio, a Milkshake Insta website is so much more than just a link directory page“ adds Rochecouste “Offering a wide variety of trendy look designs, optimised cards and innovative tools and features, Milkshake is a one-stop-shop for building your brand’s online presence and highlighting all you have to offer in one place.”

When building a Milkshake Insta website, you can choose from our About, Links, Top Picks, YouTube and Splash Cards. Each card has its own objective, and it can be used for that objective or can be ‘hacked’ to work for any other you’d like.

On Milkshake App, you can personalize each of your cards with text, images, GIFs, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, contact details, products, links and more: “By creating a variety of different cards with different purposes, it allows users to easily break down what they want to say, sell and share with their community without overwhelming them. As a bite-sized website, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for users to highlight all they had to offer in a fun, easy and consumable way.”

Does the rise of link in bio tools mean websites are going to be gone for good, you may be wondering?

“Websites, no. However, as technology continues to evolve, there’s no denying that the traditional method of building a website is becoming less relevant.” highlights Rochecouste “Mobile website builders like Milkshake now make it easy for anyone to create a beautiful, professional, optimised website from their phone in minutes – without the need for desktops, design or web development skills.”

While it’s important to create a presence online, you don’t want to create a website with no purpose or work behind it. 

In this day and age, a website with a clear purpose and outcomes is crucial to start, grow, launch or share anything online. It’s an online presence and perception that you can entirely create and control, which is both fantastic freedom and a big responsibility.

“We help our users make professional, smart and optimised websites with purpose, whether that be selling, watching, buying, directing, the list goes on.” continues Rochecouste “Milkshake Insta websites help users to create a professional online presence while still capitalising on where they get the most traffic – usually social profiles and especially Instagram – to convert their followers into brand fans.”

Why is it important to have a place to direct people from Instagram?

When someone visits your profile, it’s so important to harness that attention and direct it to the most valuable destination or action you want them to take.

An Insta website via the Milkshake App allows you to further extend your Instagram profile for what you want to say, sell or share in an on-brand way, helping you to harness, grow and convert Instagram traffic. 

When looking for more info about you, your followers want to feel like they’re still on Instagram. They want to feel like they’re still connected to your brand, business or profile – you don’t want them to drop off simply because your website is too hard for them to navigate and access. 


As Instagram allows you to add only one link to your bio, it’s so important to make sure that website is designed for Instagram’s mobile web browser and optimised to highlight the most important information and actions upfront.


That’s why Insta websites are perfect for this. They’re concise and optimised and primarily designed for Instagram’s mobile web browser, making them feel like a seamless extension of the platform itself. Our users have already done most of the work by building their Instagram presence and community – an Insta website is simply the cherry on top.

What is the biggest mistake people make when creating a link-in-bio?

The biggest mistake people make with their link in bio is not heroing their most important content upfront. When optimising your link in bio, it’s so important to ensure you’re highlighting your best content front and center to entice visitors from the get-go. 


It’s also key to ensure your content is on-brand. People click on your link in bio to learn more about you, your business or your brand, so you don’t want them to feel lost or unable to identify you. You never get a second chance at a first impression, but with a Milkshake Insta website, you won’t need one.

Do you see Instagram still dominating this year, especially with the rise of TikTok?

Definitely. However, I still see Instagram as Instagram and TikTok as TikTok. TikTok is a short-form video, while Instagram has a broader range of content formats. They are two distinctly different platforms with different content, user bases, and user experiences. The real domination as a user is knowing how to use both platforms to work together. 


TikTok is now allowing creators to directly link to their Instagram and YouTube channel, so even they see it is important to cross-promote and for their users to connect their followers to both platforms. 

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Being the older more established platform, Instagram is more transactional with the ability to tag and check out products as well as a link to websites within the platform while TikTok is still more entertainment focused. Neither monetize creators, but Instagram influencer marketing is more established with paid partnerships.


At this stage the two aren’t necessarily comparable – it’s important to be on both and to know the content that converts best. Both are platforms to create an audience, garner attention and direct that to outcomes you want to achieve – it just depends on what that outcome is. 


Would you say Instagram is going to be changing considerably in 2020?

I’d say that Instagram is going to be changing considerably this year – mainly for ecommerce and creators. 


With the rise of Instagram’s Shop and Creators accounts, they’re definitely focusing on educating, empowering and optimising the platform for these particular users. While Instagram didn’t start out as an advertising or branded content-marketing platform, this year their focus has definitely shifted to advertisers, brands and facilitating these partnerships. 


Instagram also announced late last year the new ways they’re supporting branded content, with Facebook including Instagram in its Brand Collabs Manager to ‘help creators turn their passions into a living’. This goes to show that it’s not just Instagram creators and their communities that are placing more value on authentic content – Instagram is beginning to value it too. 


What is the one tip you’d like to share with creatives when it comes to Instagram?

Be consistent, clear and authentic. Know your purpose and ensure that all you do on Instagram is helping you achieve this. Stay true to your vision, be proud of the content you create and value and connect with the communities that engage with it.


For more info about Milkshake don’t forget to check out the iOS App or Android App


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