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How to build your home YouTube studio with Kevin Shen

Join Fab and Kevin Shen to discuss the importance of creating a welcoming and trusting environment with your YouTube Studio.


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Are you dreaming of creating your own online studio, but feel overwhelmed by where to start? In the latest episode of Alt Marketing School, Kevin Shen lets you in on the secrets to building a stunning home YouTube studio that captures not just the eye, but the heart.

“Design a studio space to work for you, and not the other way around, to feel more at home and relaxed on camera.”

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of human connection in online content creation and the impact of creating a welcoming environment for viewers.
  • Key considerations for building a home YouTube studio, including design choices, tech decisions, and the need to personalize the space for comfort and relaxation on camera.
  • Practical tips for enhancing depth and professionalism in a studio setup, such as using multiple lights and considering the “C Lab” components (camera, lighting, audio, and background).
  • The value of learning through trial and error and taking action in setting up a studio, emphasizing a mindset of experimentation and growth.

Embrace the Learning Journey

Kevin Shen and Fab emphasise the importance of openness to learning and growth, both personally and professionally. Their discussions reflect an encouraging tone, reinforcing the idea that through embracing opportunities to learn, we can advance our skills and strategies for building our online presence.

Kevin emphasises the human touch in online content creation and shares his valuable tips on creating a welcoming environment for viewers. Fab and Kevin also delve into the challenges of building in public, the significance of lighting and depth in video setups, and the power of relatability in content creation.

You’ll also hear about Kevin’s exciting project of designing a studio for Ship 30 for Dickie Bush and Nicholas Cole (see their walkthrough here).

About Kevin Shen

Kevin is a long-time Youtuber and has helped many people design & set up their own filming studios to make videos and courses at home. He nerd out about making human impact through video, and she is a huge fan of the saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

Find out more on Kevin’s website at Dream Studio.

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